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    19 Nov 2016 Developer, Moderator, Test Pilot

    doogiePIM version 1.0.5 full installation build will shortly be upon us. In the next few days there will be a new download so watch this space. Well... the downloads page, at least.

    "What has changed?"

    Quite a few new features. If you've been following the beta builds, then you'll see the new Date Navigator on the Home section, making the Home area more of a dashboard to your data. To complement this, there is a new Finance panel you can add to the display. You can use it to show transactions for a certain date range and display today's balance. You can filter this to a certain folder, if required.

    "Aww, that's nothing. How about some more stuff please."

    Okay. How about more of those pesky bugs fixed and quite a few enhancements. Oh, and the biggest new feature, not in the latest build has something to do with Google.

    I truly hope you enjoy the development progress of doogiePIM and as always, send me your suggestions and throw me feedback. No matter how bad it is.

    Thank you all.
    Developer and cheesecake eater.


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