doogiePIM version 1.0.5 Now Available

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    25 Nov 2016 Developer, Moderator, Test Pilot
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    This installation version release of doogiePIM 1.0.5 has some great new features and lots of little fixes to make doogiePIM better.

    The main new feature is the import of iCal files directly to and from the Calendar. I've added two new icons on the Calendar toolbar for quick access to the import and export. You can also access the facility using the "Import or Export Data" command in the [File] menu. With this you are able to import Google iCalendar files (*.ics) to a specific Resource. I've increased the length of the Resource URL field, so you could store your Google ICAL URL in there.

    When you launch a iCalendar ics URL in the browser to download, doogiePIM will automatically ask if you would like to import the ics file into the Calendar for you.

    To get your Google Calendar URL, see here (look in the View Only solution):

    You will also notice you can now export your doogiePIM calendar to an ics file too. Possibly for importing into your Google Calendar.

    This is a step towards a complete Google sync in the future. I have a lot of plans for next year on Android too. Exciting times ahead.

    A second new feature, my favourite, is the browser addition of the blank tab card view. When you create a blank tab in the doogiePIM Web Browser, you will be shown a card view of recent bookmarks. This isn't the browser history but those taken from your Bookmarks section. Right-click to access a menu of commands, such as sorting and opening the URL or editing of the record.

    The card view, like others in doogiePIM, can be resized by dragging the right-hand side of the card. Make them as large as you wish to reveal bookmark details as needed.

    I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday in the U.S. and hope this release is a pleasant gift for you all. A complete list of changes from version 1.0.4 until now is below. Once again, keep those bug reports and suggestions coming in.


    The new version is available for download here:
    There is an installation version and a portable version available.

    Summary of the latest changes in this version

    Calendar | New Feature | iCal Calendar import/export of events. Google Calendar compatible.
    Calendar | New Feature | Import of ics files can be triggered automatically after downloading an ics file. Handy for immediate import of Google calendar events.
    Calendar | Fix | Improvements to Unicode characters on display.
    Calendar | Enhancement | Hovering over a Journal now shows the beginning of the Journal content.
    Calendar | Enhancement | Hover information balloon on birthdays and anniversaries.

    Browser | New Feature | Creating a new blank tab now shows a card view of recent bookmarks. Right-click to sort and access commands. Cards can be resized wider if needed.
    Browser | Fix | Attempts to launch url when entering "" or similar.
    Browser | Fix | Launching a bookmark from the dropdown list sometimes launches in wrong window.
    Browser | Fix | White text on white background in search field when theme is dark.

    Bookmarks | New Feature | Added "Remember last page tabs for browser" in [Settings & Prefs]/[Web Browser].

    Contacts | New Feature | Custom fields are now available to the Letters and Labels facility. Insert into document as "{YourCustomFieldName}".
    Contacts | Enhancement | When adding a new custom field, it now defaults to the next available field label.
    Contacts | Fix | Some Custom Fields didn't line up under the correct column of the list grid.

    Documents | Enhancement | Navigator Document tree now allows multiple selection to enable setting Properties easier.
    Documents | Fix | Some commands like Date and Time didn't operate when using the "Insert" main menu.

    Finance | Enhancement | Selecting a spreadsheet will now hide the details preview pane.

    Home | New Feature | Added new panel "Finance transactions" to Home Page as a new tab filter for transactions that are due with Balance display.
    Home | New Feature | Added "Apply" button to "Customise Home Page" to allow instant saving of the settings whilst staying in the customisation window.
    Home | New Feature | Added a Date Navigator. Data panels base the date from the selected date of the calendar, allowing you to go back (or forward) in history.
    Home | New Feature | Added a context menu to the Date Navigator allowing you to add journals, events and tasks based on the selected date.
    Home | New Feature | Clicking on the right part of the Section Header displaying the date will make the Date Navigator go to today's date.
    Home | Fix | Flagged Appointment events not showing in flagged panel.
    Home | Fix | Recalculated date ranges for plus/minus 7, 14 and 21 days.
    Home | Enhancement | Date should automatically switch to next day when system time is midnight.
    Home | Enhancement | Enhanced layout of "Customise Home Page".
    Home | Enhancement | Improved "grey" visibility of dates within panels.
    Home | Enhancement | Removed text "no due date" when tasks have no dates.

    Journal | Fix | Some commands like Date and Time didn't operate when using the "Insert" main menu.
    Journal | Enhancement | Navigator Journals tree now allows multiple selection to enable setting Properties easier.

    Messages | Fix | Web/remote images display in preview and message window.
    Messages | Enhancement | Cosmetic improvements to Message Rules editor.

    Noteboard | Fix | Deleting a folder in Noteboard section didn't take into account orphaned hidden items.
    Noteboard | Enhancement | Navigator Noteboard tree now allows multiple selection to enable setting Properties easier.

    Reports | New Feature | Added CSV in Report Export options along with Tab delimitered output.
    Reports | Enhancement | Added "Create Document From Report" command on Report's context menu.

    Resources | New Feature | Increases character storage width to 250 for URL, Description and Serial Number. URL can be used for storing the iCal Google Calendar address.

    Tasks | Fix | The number of tasks next to each folder not updating correctly.
    Tasks | Fix | Comments save automatically when closing database or shutdown.

    UI | Fix | Operation of mouse wheel when doogiePIM is on left monitor and primary is on the right.

  2. Ooh, what great updates, especially the Google import! I can't believe I missed the 1.0.4 update but I made sure I got this one, Thank you so much! :)

  3. Chris

    9 Dec 2016 Developer, Moderator, Test Pilot

    You're very welcome and thank you for your feedback.

    Did you know:
    There is a command in the Help menu to "Check for updates". A good idea to click that once a week. Or, there is a setting in [Settings and Preferences/General] to "Check for new updates on doogiePIM startup".


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