doogiePIM version 1.0.6 Now Available

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    20 Dec 2016 Developer, Moderator, Test Pilot
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    To finish the year of releases, doogiePIM version 1.0.6 is now available for you all.

    This release is mainly a bug fix but has some new features in the way of the browser showing a clear domain name for the URL in bold. There is also a green padlock display to indicate HTTPS secure browsing. Something that's very important when visiting banking sites are buying your gifts from Amazon.

    My favourite new feature has to be in the Messages. If you receive an ics file as an attachment in an email, you can double-click the attachment and doogiePIM will ask you if you wish to add the event directly into the Calendar for you. In the near future, I plan to add the ability to export a Calendar event or task to an email message too.

    Another new feature is the ability to double-click a PDF attachment in the Messages and have it display directly in doogiePIM without using any third party PDF viewer.

    As always, thank you so much for all your email messages suggesting your ideas. I will try to implement as many as I can to make doogiePIM a valuable tool on your Windows system.

    Happy holidays to all.

    Download version 1.0.6

    Summary of new changes

    [Browser | New Feature] Added a new setting to remember the last tabs in the Email Messages built-in browser.
    [Browser | New Feature] URL now displays the domain name in bold to easily identify which site you are on. This optional setting can be reverted to all plain text in [Settings and Preferences/Color and UI].
    [Browser | New Feature] HTTPS valid certificates now show a green padlock to indicate secure communication.
    [Internal | New Feature] doogiePIM launch when already running will act as if clicking system tray icon and restore last section display. No more "doogiePIM is running" dialogs.
    [Messages | New Feature] PDFs in attachments list can now be viewed immediately by Double-clicking or Right-click and select "View Attachment".
    [Messages | New Feature] ICS/Google calendar events in attachments list, when double-clicked with be presented the option of importing the ics file into your Calendar.
    [Messages | Enhancement] Card view messages will now automatically resize to fit the vertical layout.
    [Messages | Enhancement] Minor improvements to message preview in card view.
    [Messages | Fix] Launching a hyperlink from a message will favour the Mailer Browser instead of opening the do-Browser.
    [Calendar | Enhancement] Improved iCal detection of other languages for summary and description.
    [UI | Fix] Alert message display glitch.
    [UI | Fix] Unicode characters on Windows title bars.
    [Browser | Fix] Bookmarks on blank tab now automatically refresh between changes or navigation of URLs.
    [Bookmarks | Fix] Clicking on a hyperlink from the grid list now favours the browser within the Bookmarks Section.

  2. Cool deal. The PDF view feature is definitely cool. Thanks for the rapid improvements and fixes.


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