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Confirmed. The setting to "Show Event Border" got hidden by mistake. I'm currently fixing that as we speak and hope to upload version within the next 48 hours.

Font Size

  1. Go to the main menu [View] [Set Theme to] [Change Base Font].
  2. Choose 10 point in the font dialog.

Please note: Many older dialogs were designed around 8 point font size, so will look slightly odd. It's something I can work on improving.

Also note, that this will change the whole of doogiePIM and not just the Calendar display. Perhaps I can add a separate font setting for each Section... What do you guys think?

Reminder Alarm

  1. Go to the main menu [Tools] [Settings & Preferences] [Calendar].
  2. Un-check the checkbox "Reminder enabled for new Calendar Events".

That will solve your reminder alarm problem.

Many thanks for spotting the goof. :)