some bugs and Suggestions

  1. 5 years ago
    Edited 5 years ago by Georgios Asimakos

    Hello Chris,
    I have some bugs to report and some suggestion too:

    bugs :
    1st - Some times when I open database the program crash. Also I have tried the database repair procedure.
    2nd - Some mails with greek language doesn't show correctly.
    3th - The hidden passwords option in Passwords List Toolbar on Vault section doesn't apply. When you reopen database the previous hidden passwords are not hidden.
    4th - If a user do some updates on a spreetsheet and close Finance section without move to other spreedsheet the updates doesn't apply.
    5th - Some times when I close and reopen database the application doesn't force me to give master password, only user password
    6th - Some times, when maximize window from minimize status:
    a) the inside master pane doesn't maximize too. for example the documents section do it many times.
    b) the main toolbar icons doesn't show correctly. Shows it as black. When mouse moves on it display it correct.

    1st - Adding Greek dictionary
    2nd - Apply/Save button to force save changes or a dialog with message "Apply updates" before closing section (4th bug).
    3th - Add new sections -> Manage vehicles and Source Code
    4th - Add Manage personal/family finace on finance section

    thank you for your support and keep alive this program

  2. Chris

    7 Apr 2017 Developer, Moderator, Test Pilot

    Many thanks for the report. Could you let me know your machine spec, OS version and the doogiePIM version you run please.

    Did you know you can use the Resources section to manage Vehicles. It was designed to record all manner of inventory. Simple change the resource kind to "Product". If you have a car hire firm, you could set it to "Service" and record hour rates instead of a specific price. Even attach a calendar for hire times. If you require further fields, let me know and I'll develop it further.

    I record most of my Source Code research snippets in the Documents section linked to Bookmarks.

    The Finance section is a little complicated and I do plan to simplify it somewhat. I only use the Finance General Transactions for all my banking, business transactions and personal stuff. It works for me, but I'm biased ;) I create a General folder for each bank account.

    Wonderful feedback and some interesting ideas. Thank you so much.


  3. Chris

    7 Apr 2017 Developer, Moderator, Test Pilot

    A Greek dictionary can be found on the Downloads page:

    Installation: Unpack the downloaded zip and copy the dictionary to the folder where doogiePIM is located: eg. "C:\BiteSpire\doogiePIM\Dictionaries".

    For managing Dictionary settings, see here:

  4. Chris hi

    First of all thank you for greek dictionary.
    I have win 7 pro sp1 64 bit, 12 gb memory and I have install last version of app.

    About manage vehicles, i didn't mean to record my car just as an invendory but record the services (e.g. changed items, cost, kilometers, info of service store ....). Also I believe fuel record helps to know how many money spend. Plus some reminders (e.g. changes accessories).
    If I can use the already resources, please be advice how can i use.

    About source code, it will perfect if the source code appears with language format.

    About family/personal finance, I thinking that it is perfect to log our public services payments also (e.g. power, water etc).

    I believe that the whole idea for this app is that be our "second hand" as a professional but and as a normal user. Maybe some of them are not used from many but I had to suggest my thoughts.

    Thank again for your support and your patience for our observations.


  5. Chris

    8 Apr 2017 Developer, Moderator, Test Pilot

    I will try and put together a sample database that includes a setup for Resources and Finance to example how you could manage that kind of data. I'll do it over the next week.

    I like the idea of syntax highlighting source code in the Documents. I'll work on that.

    Indeed, the idea of doogiePIM is to be an extra helping hand to storing your data and being able to retrieve it easily. It has a way to go but I believe it's heading in the right direction. Just as with good wine.... it has to mature to be really good.

  6. Thank you for your direct support.
    I am looking forward to. I hope to find time for sample database.

  7. Just a reminder about sample database.

    Thank you again.

  8. Chris

    25 Apr 2017 Developer, Moderator, Test Pilot

    Thanks for the heads up. It's been a busy month with the holidays and development. I'm sure you'll enjoy the new update.

    The sample database is taking time as I want to include a variety of scenarios for you all.

  9. I know that you have a lot of work to do and also that you have to give all your efort on it.
    Take you time Chris.

    Thank you very mach.

  10. There are any news about sample database ?

  11. Chris

    19 May 2017 Developer, Moderator, Test Pilot

    Not yet. It's still being worked on.... bit by bit.

  12. 4 years ago

    There are any news about sample database ?

  13. Chris

    23 Jan 2018 Developer, Moderator, Test Pilot

    Being worked on:

    1. New screenshots
    2. New v2 Help documentation
    3. A selection of sample databases made for various situations are being worked on. eg: Medical.doo, Family.doo, SmallBusiness.doo, Gamer.doo, Writer.doo

    I can't give an exact time for completion, as yet.


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