Restoring a database

  1. 6 years ago


    16 May 2017 Test Pilot
    Edited 6 years ago by Ennovy

    Ther are several ways to make a backup of the database (menu of button).
    To restore a database I have to do this manually.
    No problem, but is there an easy way to restore a database using menu or button? Couldn't find it. :oops:

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  2. Chris

    16 May 2017 Developer, Moderator, Test Pilot

    There's no "one click restore", but there could be. I've added it to the schedule, "Quick and Easy way to restore from a backup".

    For the benefit of others:
    To Restore: The backups are copies of a database, you simply copy or open that backup database normally. (Always ensure doogiePIM is shutdown before performing any folder level operations).

  3. Ennovy

    16 May 2017 Test Pilot

    Thank you!


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