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    I have been an avid user of TexNotes Pro since it's inception.
    I don't believe there has been an update in over a decade, nevertheless it remains my PIM of choice. I have tried to replace it numerous times in recent years, but always return to TexNotes after a few days. My latest attempt has been a purchase of RightNote. It is a splendid program that is being actively developed and has a lot going for it. I was about to contact 'Raul' to see if he would consider adding the missing features I rely on, when I discovered DoogiePIM. I purchased this app without even trying it when I read it was based on code from the now defunct GemX. I'm hoping Chris can implement the missing features from TexNotes into the documents section of DoogiePIM and I can finally put to rest my trusty companion from GemX. And what a gem it has been, to still be so functional after a decade without any changes. When I bought my newest desktop approximately a year ago, (a Dell from Costco), it came with Win 7 Pro installed with the option to upgrade to Win 10 Pro. I let Microsoft's cut-off date come and go without upgrading, so I could continue using TextNotes.
    The following are the essential, must-have features I need to switch. If it can't happen, then I will continue my quest for a TexNotes replacement.
    ONE) "Quick Color Bar" (Number One, MOST important!)

    • Left click to set text color — (select text first)
    • Right click to set text background color — (select text first)
    • Note: For those unfamiliar with TexNotes, it's a color choice bar that stretches across the top of the Editor and is always visible. There are 67 visible colors... you can scroll to reveal additional colors. I never need to scroll. When it is all the way to the left, it's arranged to contain the colors most likely to be used.

    TWO) Insert Horizontal Lines via keyboard shortcuts — (5 line widths) — (keyboard shortcuts missing in Doogie)

    • Ctrl + 1 = Insert a very thin separator line
    • Ctrl + 2 = Insert a thin separator line
    • Ctrl + 3 = Insert a medium separator line
    • Ctrl + 4 = Insert a thick separator line
    • Ctrl + 5 = Insert a very thick separator line

    THREE) Graphic Bullets: Missing feature... Ability to set a default graphic bullet that remains static, even after other bullets have been chosen.
    FOUR) Fix bug: (crucial feature) — In settings and preferences - set hot key to 'restore or minimize main window' — DOES NOT WORK! — It does work when choosing other actions, but not this one.

    • Note: this is another feature unique to TexNotes, (being able to toggle the window on and off with the same keyboard shortcut).
    • Note: for my shortcut, I use the 'Backtick' key - (lower symbol on the Tilde key; immediately below the escape key). I would never use this key for anything else anyway and it's in a superb position to quickly locate. So, just using one hand, one can bring the app on and then quickly make it go away when finished.

    It becomes a big deal when using it dozens of time a day and sometimes more than a hundred.

    *Note: using the above features I can grab a snippet of text when online, quickly paste it, Format part of the text with a font color change, often red, change the background of the selection, often light yellow, and then add a separator line. This keeps all your text snippets neatly separated and easier to locate. In TexNotes I can do the above in 10 seconds and close the window and go on with what I was doing. By setting up the appropriate folders for your interests and color coding them, you have an extremely efficient way of managing your information. When you need to retrieve some data, by doing the quick formatting mentioned above, it will usually jump of the page with a quick eye scan. If it's been a long time and the info is very deep, you can of course do a word search. The search feature works very well. -- I have tried and tried with other apps, using the traditional method of formatting and 10 seconds turns into more than a minute. I use TexNotes dozens of times every day for many reasons beyond the scenario described above. It was the best fifty bucks I ever spent. (price went down considerably after a few years).

    Additionally, I would like to see all the TexNotes libraries become available.
    One in particular would be the 'background images'.
    I am especially missing the "textures" I used for the Navigator background area. It really makes a big difference in dressing up the backgrounds.

    Also, it would be nice to have the "note tabs" available. The way it works: during a session, each time you open a note a tab appears at the top. It's so you can quickly return to any note you have been working on during this session. You can manually clear the tabs at anytime. Also, when the app is closed the tabs go away. They are just there to make working on multiple notes in a session, easier to navigate. Another little refinement that made TexNotes special and unique.
    (Since there are already Tabs in use with Doogie, I suppose these would have to be sub-tabs for the Notes/Documents)

    Do you think these feature requests will be able to be implemented Chris?

    I look forward to your reply Chris!

    Best regards, MisterLee

  2. Chris

    28 Jun 2017 Developer, Moderator, Beta Tester

    Wow, what a wonderful post. Thank you.

    I'm currently in the process of making the Documents section in doogiePIM much more like TexNotes, with addition of Styles and other features. Development continues well and I hope you'll enjoy the new additions when they are released.

    I've already fixed the HotKey function for you. This is in version so keep an eye out for the release at the end of this week.

    If you have any further development ideas, please post them. I would love to read more.


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