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    Looking through the settings I can not find any options for "saving" the database.
    You can manually save at any time.
    When you exit the app it does save the file if it was un-saved. It doesn't tell you that on exit, it just does it. (I tested it to make sure).
    However, it would be nice to have the option of an auto-save feature that you can configure for x amount of minutes.
    This is just good insurance for peace of mind, so that if there is a computer crash, your data would still be saved. So you could set it at say five minutes. So that would be the most you would lose, (the last five minutes of your work). It's nice to have choice. Some users might be happy with the current configuration. Others might want to have some say in the decision as to what's right for them.
    Note: Here are 2 screenshots showing how it's done in TexNotes.



    Oh well, I guess you don't get to see the screenshots. I saved the screenshots to my hard drive. I copied the path to their location inside the image brackets. ??? Should have worked. Perhaps some further instruction on "how to" should be posted.

    New Edit: Perhaps I have figured out the 'magic sauce' for posting pics. Number 2 Attempt:



    New Edit: No magic for me. I posted the images online. Copied the image URL's here. Still nothing. I'm out of ammunition. What a shame. I have many images I was hoping to post in the future regarding far more important issues. I need a tutorial Chris. Please advise! Thanks.

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    Databases don't need to be saved. It's all managed in the background. However, you do need to save a "Record" which is a small part of that whole database. Some parts of doogiePIM saving of records are automatic, such as when you create a new Document or Journal then you move away from that record to another, that record will be committed and saved to the database automatically.

    If you want to commit a Document record immediately whilst staying on the same document, simply press Ctrl+S or choose the Save changes command found in the main menu "Edit".

    Some records, such as adding a Contact, will bring up a record window with buttons to "Save" or "Cancel". There is obviously a need to hit "Save" to store that Contact to the database.

    The database of doogiePIM can grow very large when hundreds of thousands of records are added, hence the need to only save a record at a time as loading the whole database in memory would use up all your valuable memory, if you even had enough.

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