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    13 Jul 2017 Developer, Moderator, Test Pilot
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    I would like the world to know all about doogiePIM. The more the world knows, the better technology and knowledge is improved upon.

    Knowledge is, without a doubt, the single precious thing we have as a human. Knowledge drives us forward to help develop ideas, to create, to critique and even to love. As humans, we have an innate desire to share wonderful things, to show the world our opinions, views and passions.

    If you have a YouTube channel, technology video blog or you're thinking to start one, I would like to invite you to show the world how you use doogiePIM. Perhaps even create a simple tutorial or a simple review saying how much you love, or hate, doogiePIM.

    Please note, this isn't a "Tell me my software is great and I'll give you free stuff".
    It's more like, "Tell me anything constructive about doogiePIM, good or bad, for the benefit of others. Your key is in the post, regardless".


    1. Be constructive and as detailed as possible in your critique.
    2. Feel free to show doogiePIM application artwork and website in your presentation.
    3. If you use links, please use or
    4. Do not associate BiteSpire or doogiePIM to any form of pornography, illicit actions or derogatory messages.
    5. The presentation must be video, audio or both, and must be all your own work.
    6. Don't forget to monetise your video so you get advert revenue.
    7. Don't forget to ask me for a review licence key to aid your efforts.
    8. If you want to do a giveaway/competition for your viewers, I can give you a maximum of 10 licence keys for you to give away for free. You are not allowed to sell these free keys.

    I can't wait to see your videos. Perhaps a dedicated thread is in order to show them.

    I'm going back to development now after this little brainstorm. There's lots of juicy new features I'm working on for doogiePIM.

    Developer, Coder and Amateur Potato Enthusiast

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    30 Jan 2018 Developer, Moderator, Test Pilot

    Just touching base with you to tell you this offer is still on the table. Just let me know what you need in terms of information to aid your efforts.


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