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  1. 2 years ago

    Having made my way around the home page, I offer the following suggestions:

    1. Appearance: If possible, offer setting to change various colors (Date Navigator font and current day highlight, Data Panel font, Quote of the Day font). Rationale: Totally aesthetic, providing user ability to further customize look.
    2. Appearance: If possible, allow user to adjust color of Home Page Header,. Rationale: Totally aesthetic, providing user ability to further customize look.
    3. Appearance: If possible, clarify Data Panel sort (it's horizontal I've discovered). Better yet, offer ability to size and place Data Panels individually within confines of Data Panel area (ie on a grid). Rationale: Better control over appearance and position.
    4. Functionality: If possible, make icon for given Data Panel (ie recent Messages) hyperlink to given tab (ie Messages tab). Rationale: Although a given item (ie particular recent Message) link opens that particular item and tab, the icon hyperlink would eliminate having to click the "+" in the tab area, then select the particular tab. It should work the same as double-clicking on the particular day in the Date Navigator.
    5. Functionality: If possible, establish timed Home Page Refresh mechanism/setting. Rationale: Currently, users must actually select "Refresh" to update the home page. This should function both automatically (perhaps on a user-selectable time frame) and manually (as already set).
    6. Functionality: If possible, establish mechanism for user to save customized appearance (colors, background image, side image) as theme. Rationale: User can recall or change theme as they see fit without having to rebuild.
    7. Functionality: Allow users to show Flagged Data independently. Currently, selected data will be displayed if the flag is checked to show, which may not be what the user wants. For example, user might flag both an email and contact as "Urgent," but only want to see the flagged message on the Home Page. Rationale: finer user control over flagging/display.
    8. Functionality: In many cases, Home Page Summary will extend outside printable area. If possible, include a "Fit to Page" option similar to seen in other programs. Rationale: Gives users ability to limit summary to one page.
    9. Functionality: Allow users to establish Data Panel maximum count independently for each panel. Rationale: Some users may want to see 10 recent emails and only 5 recent contacts, as an example.
    10. Appearance: Allow users to move toolbar vertically between Quote of the Day panel and Data Panel area. Rationale: Totally aesthetic, providing user ability to further customize look.
    11. Appearance/Functionality: Allow users to further customize toolbars so they may move commands between toolbars. Rationale: Allows users to open fewer toolbars with only the tools they need in the arrangement they like.
    12. Functionality: Provide command in right-click menu or customize popup to restore toolbars. Rationale: I actually hid all toolbars and had to figure out how to restore them (went through doogiePIMsettings.ini).
  2. Chris

    9 Aug 2017 Developer, Moderator, Beta Tester

    Wow! Awesome suggestions....

    Many many thanks.


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