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    26 Sep 2017 Test Pilot
    Edited 5 years ago by Chuck

    For some reason, DPIM stopped downloading GMail about two weeks ago. I changed zero settings in either GMail or DPIM. I am able to send email from DPIM, but unable to receive any into DPIM. When it checks, it quickly flashes the following message after showing the usual "Connecting to" with timer: "Examining existing 296 on server..."

    Here are my DPIM settings:

    Receiving messages: POP3
    Port: 995
    User Name: correct
    Password: correct
    Uses SSL (check)
    Leave message (check)
    Include this (check)

    Any ideas?

  2. Chris

    28 Sep 2017 Developer, Moderator, Test Pilot

    I suspect you may have to revert to a database backup. It looks like you have some unrecoverable errors that the repair can't sort out. This can happen when you have a database on a USB stick and you don't shutdown doogiePIM before removing the USB stick. Always use the Windows Remove Media option in the system try to safely remove USB devices.

    As for your Gmail, this again could be the same problem. Go back to one of your backups and try that one.

    Sorry I couldn't be of any more help.

  3. Chuck

    29 Sep 2017 Test Pilot

    DPIM is loaded on my laptop, so no USB issues to worry about.

    That said... I should have made a backup. That's on me; I won't make that mistake again.

    As suspected, creating a new database requires downloading mail from GMail... Again... All 13,000+ emails.

    Last time it took almost 20 hours over two days of continuous monitoring and engagement with DPIM to download all those emails because DPIM limits autocheck to every 5 minutes. DPIM doesn't even provide an option to download the most recent emails first; DPIM starts with the oldest first, in approximately 300 email chunks, then will slow down to ONE. EMAIL. AT. A. TIME.


    I'm not so sure the effort is worth it at this point, especially given the emails imported indicate they were received today and don't default to the date/time they were actually received in GMail. That makes no sense to me. In addition, the download process doesn't even respect GMail assigned folders or tags, turning the messages panel into one big message dumping ground requiring review of EVERY. SINGLE. MESSAGE. to sort into the proper subfolder.

    Outlook pst import capability would be awesome about now, especially if DPIM respected Outlook's folders...

    Is there even a way to attempt to import data, any data, from one DPIM database to another? Or do I have to reenter everything manually? Again? I'm not so sure this part is worth the effort either.

    And just for fun, the newly created database indicates I've been signed in a while...


    I thought DPIM would help me streamline and work more efficiently. I thought DPIM would work for me. Backups notwithstanding, I thought wrong.

    I'm not sure what's on your DPIM to-do list, but addressing email issues would be a much-welcomed priority.

  4. Chris

    29 Sep 2017 Developer, Moderator, Test Pilot

    Sorry to read that you've had some unlucky experiences of late. I've taken a look at some various solutions for getting Outlook into doogiePIM.

    1. The first possible way, is using a PST to MBOX conversion.
    2. Another way is converting the PST into a DBX, a Thunderbird format.
    3. The best, I've just tested, is going to Google directly and exporting your content. They give it in MBOX format which is great for importing the file directly into doogiePIM. More details here:

    There is a caveat when importing. All the email will be in a single folder and the date received will be the date you imported, but the email date the message was sent will be retained. This is unavoidable (as yet).
    You will also need to rename the email file from *.MBOX to *.MBX.
    Then use doogiePIM, "File / Import or Export data / Import data / Import email... /".
    I tested with 2500 messages and it took 30 minutes to import them all. doogiePIM will appear to be frozen so just let the sleeping dog lay until it's done. This could be sped up by going into Settings and switch the "Search Indexing" to "Manual". Then just perform a reindex after the import has been done.

    For sorting out which messages to go into other folders, perhaps you could use the Message Rules to quickly throw obvious email into folders. See Message Rules for more info. You can run the rules on a single folder using the main menu "Messages/Run Rules on Folder".

    Backups can be done quickly and easily by using the main menu command "File/Backup database file..". There's a main toolbar icon for this too. It takes two clicks to do and you're safe. I do mine at lunch time and end of the day.

    I've taken your comments into account and made future plans for Google folders, PST direct import and more.

    Good luck with your endeavours and don't forget to do those backups each and everyday.
    - Chris

  5. Chuck

    29 Sep 2017 Test Pilot


    thank you for the reply and way forward. I will give the Google export a go and report back.

    DPIM offers a lot to like; I hope you continue to make it better.


  6. Chuck

    29 Sep 2017 Test Pilot
    Edited 5 years ago by Chuck

    As a follow up, I created another database and started downloading email once again. While attempting to create a password DPIM did this:


    It occurred multiple times and never responded. I then created yet another database and immediately changed the password without incident.

    I think I'm going to step away for a bit before trying yet again to retrieve email via the Google export (for which I just received a download link).


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