Registration problem

  1. 2 years ago

    Awhile ago I purchased the software and registered with no problems. Today I tried to open it, and I received the message that the trial period expired. I tried to register it again with the key I received at the time thru email, and I received the message that "Unable to verify that license".
    Please, help with the registration.
    Vasile Carnabatu

  2. Chris

    5 Nov 2017 Developer, Moderator, Beta Tester

    I've been through the activation logs and found that since you tried to re-activate doogiePIM with your email address instead of your name, the software activated successfully. I can see the last activation went through. There is a security system in place to stop brute force repeat activations in such a small amount of time. In future, simply wait an hour or so until another attempt can be tried again.

    It looks like your system is working now though. Please let me know if I can be of further help to you.

  3. last year
    Deleted last year by Chris

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