BitCoin is now accepted

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    doogiePIM licence keys can now be bought with BitCoin, Electroneum, Ethereum and others.

    See the doogiePIM Purchase page.

    Other BiteSpire cryptocurrency addresses are listed here.

    If you're not sure what doogiePIM is then read this .

    If you know about BitCoin then you will surely be aware of the rapid advancement in cryptocurrencies. You'll also be happy to know that the Finance section in doogiePIM version 2 is being improved to take into account the extra decimal places, so you may use this section to store your crypto currency transactions. Perhaps you're a coin miner and just want somewhere to log your mining payments.

    If you're curious about when version 2 is coming, be assured that it is very soon now. What is more, anyone who buys/bought a version 1 licence between July 2017 and December 2017 will get version 2 for free.

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