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  1. 2 years ago

    I am trialing the software (28 days left) and have questions that I cannot find answers for so I will be asking singular questions here.
    I have tasks that recur but it seems this can only be done with events. Is there an option or setting so that some tasks can recur?

  2. Chris

    11 Dec 2017 Developer, Moderator, Beta Tester

    Only Calendar Events can have recurrence settings applied to them. However, you can link the Event to a specific Task , if needed - and vice versa.

    Think of time-based actions such as "Backup my computer", "Walk the dog", "Take Pills" as events you place on the Calendar for a Resource that are very time based (they cant exist without a time). Other actions that may or may not have time allocated to them such as "Plan Flowers For Garden", "Write my awesome action novel", as Tasks for that Resource, due to the open ended start and duration of those items.

    When you view the Resource record, you will see the Events and Tasks in the Related Links but you will also see the Tasks listed on the Calendar too, if the Task has some date assigned.

    You could also set the Home section dashboard to display the Tasks and Events that matter today or in the near future.

    I hope this helps.

  3. Chris, would you be open to considering the option of creating recurring tasks?

    I have quite a few recurring tasks that I like to track, but they are so mundane, I'd rather not clutter my calendar with them being listed as "events". Their more appropriate "home" is in my task list, but the recurring functionality is not currently available for tasks.

    • - Without this option, I will probably not be able to keep all my tasks in doogiePIM :-(
    • - With this option, there's a good chance doogiePIM could become my "One Trusted System" :-)

    Thank you in advance for your consideration of this feature request.

    (fingers crossed!) ;-)

  4. Hi Chris,

    I would also like to request recurring tasks (I feel sure I asked the same when I reviewed v1 back in September 2016??)

    I have recurring tasks such as "Test smoke detectors" and set to recur on the first Saturday of each month.

    Now that's a task, not an event.

    An event is an appointment, a place to be, and I agree they too need to be able to recur.

    For now, I use a dedicated task manager (not sure if I am allowed to state which on here?), and this does allow recurring tasks, along with email alerts so you get the reminder on your mobile.

    I'm not a developer, but would the code not be the same as for events and therefore easier to implement?


  5. Sarah

    17 Mar 2018 Beta Tester

    Oh John I have to disagree about events and tasks. I think you are getting too fixed on the names. You want to test your smoke detectors the first Saturday of each month. You can set a calendar 'event' to do that. What does it matter if it is called an 'event' or a 'task' as long as it does what you want it to do?

    Is there another reason this is an issue? Do you need to do some other 'tasky' thing as well as being reminded to do this?


  6. I'm sorry to appear argumentative on this Sarah.

    A task is a single item to be done, usually with no specific time or date, but it is something you may want repeating. You need a list of tasks in a "Task List", not filling up your calendar where your timed events appear.

    An event is a time and dated appointment, with a duration. You want these to show in your calendar so you can see how your day is mapped out, and check for any events which may conflict.

    They are two separate things and all other PIMs I am reviewing treat them separately.


  7. Sarah

    17 Mar 2018 Beta Tester

    Debate is a good thing. Out of healthy debate good things come. I like that Doogie is not like other PIMs so I decide what a task and an event is and how they are used in my personal and business life.

    You didn't say why you find this difficult, other than you like the names to be as you have seen in other PIMs. Let us know and maybe the Community can come up with a way to sort things for you, before we ask Chris to flex his coding muscles.

    Best wishes

  8. My previous post does say why I would rather see them as separate functions.

  9. Edited 2 years ago by Metta

    FWIW, my main reason for requesting the recurring task option is that I'd really rather not clutter my Calendar with mundane tasks like "water plants", "test smoke detectors", "delete backups" for which a firm date is not absolutely essential. (Whether I delete my backups on Saturday or Sunday will not make a huge difference.)

    Without recurring tasks, My Calendar could quickly become quite filled with these minor, recurring items (which are more akin to a "reminder" than an actual scheduled event) -- and since visual space in the Calendar is at a premium (especially in the month view, which I prefer), I would really rather not have such minor tasks take up space in my Calendar.

    Instead, I would strongly prefer for my Calendar to be the home only for scheduled events that involve a fixed day/time commitment, without any extraneous clutter or reminders that don't depend on firm scheduling coordination.

    Does this make sense?

    Ultimately, of course, it will depend upon Chris' preference for where he puts his time and energy relative to other items on the development roadmap, so I'll be looking forward to his feedback once he has a chance to consider the feasibility of making this type of change.

    If nothing else, providing the recurring task option would offer users the choice of whether a repeating activity belongs in the task list or the calendar -- and since doogiePIM offers us so many other good customization options, I think recurring tasks could be an enhancement that would be well received by many of doogiePIM's users.

  10. Sarah

    18 Mar 2018 Beta Tester

    My calendar does sometimes get quite cluttered with tasks so that I have to turn them off to see the events clearly. Good point Metta.

  11. Thanks, Sarah. Appreciate your helpful feedback.

  12. Chris

    20 Mar 2018 Developer, Moderator, Beta Tester

    It will be done. Read the latest blog entry: https://bitespire.com/community/221-a-passionate-release-2-0-1-2

  13. Fabulous! Thanks so much, Chris, for your willingness to consider this request.

    Looking forward to integrating recurring tasks into my database as soon as they are available.

    Many thanks! :-)


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