doogiePIM version beta is ready

  1. 5 years ago


    31 Dec 2017 Developer, Moderator, Test Pilot
    Edited 5 years ago by Chris

    A new beta version with an updated browser engine is now ready for you to try.

    Take the red/blue pill:

    Have a great new year celebration :)

  2. Johnt

    2 Jan 2018 Test Pilot

    Thanks for this, Chris. Taking shape nicely. Just to say that the lag in characters appearing in emails is still there - a bit better now, but not as nimble as they used to be.
    Kind regards, John.

  3. Johnt

    10 Jan 2018 Test Pilot

    Hi Chris, enjoying the new features of I find, however, that every time I close the programme Microsoft tells me there is a problem with doogiePIM and wants to close it. It does, and then I lose saved notes. This happens every time. Also, the text still lags in Documents and emails - not here though, it goes nicely like it used to in doogiePIM. One more thing, is there an option to remove from view the ruler in Documents? Many thanks, John.

  4. Chris

    11 Jan 2018 Developer, Moderator, Test Pilot

    When you exit and get the Microsoft Window error then it's more likely coming from the browser process, as doogiePIM processes are wrapped with an "Unexpected error" message instead. Try not using the browser then exit normally after visiting some sections. Does it still bring up the same error?

    If you save your documents and records within doogiePIM then they are not lost because saving sends them immediately to the database. Simply reload doogiePIM and you'll find your documents.

    I'm not sure why your input is lagging.... could you give your computer specifications please. The lowest spec I've tested doogiePIM on is a 64bit 2GB Intel Atom 1.44GHz processor. This worked quite nicely with no obvious input lag.

    Could it be the documents you are writing are very long? If you're attempting to place the content of Moby Dick in one document, then there will be some input lag.

    Just some thoughts that may help. Many thanks to you for your feedback.



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