How to move your database from version 1 to version 2

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    The first thing to ensure when moving data from doogiePIM version 1 to version 2 is;

    1. Ensure you have made your latest backups before doing anything.
    2. Install doogiePIM version 2 into the new folder; "C:\BiteSpire\doogiePIM2"
    3. Shutdown any doogiePIM that is running.

    TLDR: To copy your data from v1 to v2

    1. Head into your doogiePIM version 1 folder "C:\BiteSpire\doogiePIM" and copy the files you need; Some of the following files may not be there, so don't worry. You may find it easier to just copy the whole "Data Files" folder.

    2. Now paste the files/folder into the doogiePIM version 2 folder "C:\BiteSpire\doogiePIM2".


    You can't move the home section settings as version 2 uses a new preferences system. In the new version, all the settings are kept in one file held in the Data Files folder instead of the old root folder. This makes it easy for backups as you only need to backup the whole Data Files folder and you have everything.

    If you would like to restore your Icon Library, Report Settings, CommonPhrases/ScratchPad and Data databases into your new installation, then below is a detailed list of each of the folders and what they contain. Only useful information if you want specific files.

    C:\BiteSpire\doogiePIM\Data Files\*.doo
    Your databases. These are very important.

    C:\BiteSpire\doogiePIM\Data Files\*.doosi
    Your indexed database used by the full search. These can be recreated at any time.

    C:\BiteSpire\doogiePIM\Data Files\Scratchpad.ds4
    This file contains the Quote of the day, Common signatures and your scratchpad text.

    C:\BiteSpire\doogiePIM\Data Files\blacklist.txt
    This is a list of email addresses that you've marked as Blacklisted.

    C:\BiteSpire\doogiePIM\Data Files\whitelist.txt
    This is a list of email addresses that you've marked as Whitelisted.

    C:\BiteSpire\doogiePIM\Data Files\adsvrslist.txt
    This is a list of patterns used for blocking adverts and other content from the web browser.

    C:\BiteSpire\doogiePIM\Data Files\dnsbl.txt
    This is a list of DNS Blacklist servers used for sending email to the Junk folder.

    C:\BiteSpire\doogiePIM\Data Files\WebResearch.txt
    This is a list of "Research" URLs for use in the URL input box and the context menu for searching text.

    C:\BiteSpire\doogiePIM\Data Files\History.dos
    This is a database list of your history of web browsing and downloads.

    C:\BiteSpire\doogiePIM\Data Files\Reports\*.dor
    These are your report parameter settings.

    C:\BiteSpire\doogiePIM\Data Files\Reports\*.don
    These are the rendered reports you generated as doNote files. Not important as these can be regenerated.

    C:\BiteSpire\doogiePIM\Data Files\Defaults\*.*
    These are the defaults such as Contacts Custom Fields and Email signatures. You will want these.

    C:\BiteSpire\doogiePIM\Data Files\DoNotes\*.don
    By default, all your saved DoNotes are in here. Unless you save them to a different folder.

    C:\BiteSpire\doogiePIM\Data Files\Query Scripts\*.sql
    All your saved SQL custom search queries.

    I hope this helps.


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