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    17 Jan 2018 Developer, Moderator, Test Pilot
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    I hope everyone is having a great start to the new year. I certainly am... with development of doogiePIM and lots of enhancements and some reported fixes.

    doogiePIM version can be downloaded from the main download page:

    You can read the full history of changes here:

    Version | 17 January 2018 | Latest Completed Changes

    Enhancement | On Add/Edit of Bookmarks the editor tabs now remembers last state which means you can leave the tab on "Comments" for Bookmarks.
    Fix | Search functions didn't find text in current Document.
    Enhancement | [Pinch Zoom] using Touch now works when the Document is in any layout mode.
    Enhancement | Vertical and Horizontal Rulers of record comments are now hidden by default.
    Fix | Shortcut keys from one inactive Section tends to merge into the visible section, eg: F3 from Messages.
    Fix | Use External Browser wasn't launching on URL clicks.
    Fix | Greek characters caused some upset when using Sign-In.
    Enhancement | Improvements on CPU usage when a page tab isn't visible. TIP: Always minimise an application to reduce its usage.
    Fix | Made "Journal Date Toolbar" visible in the section's "View" menu. This is used to go to a specific date .
    Fix | Side panel removed from Email tab "Browser" as it doesn't need to be there.
    Fix | Resources count says 2 but only 1 is in the database.
    Fix | ScratchPad causing unexpected event when accessing Properties of tree item.
    Enhancement | Folder properties dialog has been re-arranged to only include valid options.
    Search / Indexing
    Fix | Noteboard block didn't index when in "After Changes" mode.
    Fix | Dragging a Task in the Calendar for one day incorrectly marks end time to midnight instead of 23:59.
    Fix | "Note" should be "Document".
    Enhancement | "Change Icon Colour" added to "View\Set Theme To..." menu.
    Enhancement | Increased button width of Close, Minimize and Maximize top corner icons to make it easier to click.
    Enhancement | Warning message added when horizontal page tabs are hidden and you try to close the side panel vertical tabs.
    Enhancement | Horizontal tabs redesign to rectangular layout giving more room for display.
    Enhancement | Improvements to icon inversion drawing in Side Panel.
    Enhancement | Side Panel toolbar icons automatically hide when panel is too small, but always leaves the [+] icon visible.
    Enhancement | Horizontal Tabs scrolling area improvements when displaying dozens of tabs.
    Enhancement | Side Panel minimum width can now be reduced to the width of an icon, allowing more room in the display area.


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