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This new update contains some very important fixes in relation to stability of the browser engine. You should find this release far more stable when browsing the web. I've been using this as my main browser for the last few days and it's handling very well. Please let me know if you get any strange crashes or sudden exiting when having lots of tabs open.

On to the really good news.

I've implemented an experimental feature - Copy/Paste of Tasks. You can only copy/paste within the same database (too ensure security of data is not exposed through the clipboard). You simply go to the Tasks Section , select as many Tasks as you wish from the listing. Now use the context menu to "Copy Tasks" or use the "Edit" menu. Now navigate to a folder you want to paste the new Tasks in. You can right-click to bring up the context menu and select "Paste Tasks" or use the "Edit" menu.

On another "pasty" story... I've also implemented paste of HTML formatted text. When you copy content from a web browser page, the normal paste operation will just give you plain text. Now if you use "Paste as..." you will be given a choice of "HTML format" in the list to use. You will notice that only the text and its formatting (within reason) is shown. There are no images pasted with the text. This is a good thing as web pages can contain an amazing array of useless images that just take up memory. If you want the images, I could add a Setting for you. Just let me know.

The new version can be found on the main download page:

A complete list of changes:

Enjoy the new version and get ready for more new delights in the near future.

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