How could I use doogiePIM for my customer based business?

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    21 Feb 2018 Developer, Moderator, Test Pilot

    I was recently asked this question and I thought this isn't really that obvious for others, so this is the approximate reply I gave:

    ... I wouldn't put everything in just the Documents. Use the other sections and use the Related Links feature to link it all together.

    For example:

    1. Use the "Contacts" section to record your customer details. If you check the Related Links list, any matching email messages will be automatically listed. You can manually link Contacts to Documents or any other record type. Not forgetting that each Contact has a comments section with full document style edit features if you just want to jot down notes or images.
    2. Use the "Resources" section to hold details of products and services you supply, such as "PC Repair" would be a service with a costed rate as a resource. This can also be automatically given a Calendar where you can schedule repair visits.
    3. Use the "Calendar" section... see 2.
    4. Use the "Finance" section, especially General transactions as you can quickly record your sales and purchases. Each transaction links to a customer and a resource with a quick record of financial balance.
    5. (advanced) Use the "Reports" for finances, customer schedules and other important displays.
    6. Use the "Tasks" section to give yourself project details such as "Order stock of cable ties" or "Improve advertising of services".

    This is just a really small snapshot of what doogiePIM can do, hence my tagline "powered by your imagination".

    You can create as many databases as you wish but I would suggest using just the one. Use the folders in the left side navigator to create an organisation such as in Months or work type. Don't put everything in just one folder. By splitting up into different folders you could have literally millions of records but only display 10,000 in one folder. That would help your database life and your hard disk.

    Also remember to use the backup database feature each and everyday.

    I hope this helps.


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