Styles bug and wishes

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    22 Feb 2018 Test Pilot
    Edited 5 years ago by Ennovy

    Hello Chris

    In the Document section I defined some styles and that works OK
    Then I activate the Journal section and the defined styles are not available.

    When I choose: Clear format, the font changes to Arial 10 while my default font is Georgia 12

    The styles are sorted alphabeticaly. It would be nice to have an option to sort them manualy, headers on top etc.

    And a hotkey to apply different styles (For instance: Ctrl 1 .. Ctrl 9)

    Have a nice day

  2. Chris

    23 Feb 2018 Developer, Moderator, Test Pilot
    Edited 5 years ago by Chris

    Styles are only for that one Document you are editing, otherwise it would cause a mass upset if a single style was changed by accident and sends the all your other documents out of whack.

    However, it is possible to have a default set of styles then use that to load in when you start your document.


    In the [Styles] window there is an [Import] and an [Export] feature so you can save a set of styles you like, then save them to a single styles file. Then, in a new document simply Import that styles file and your new document can either be converted or added to.


    "Clear format" means it will clear to the system default and not to a predefined template font. I'll see what I can do to improve this.

  3. Ennovy

    23 Feb 2018 Test Pilot

    My intention is to have the defined styles available in every document I write
    Thanks for the hint about import/export, but do I have to import some defined styles in every document I make?
    When I change a single style while editing a document, all other documents are effected as well? Why?

  4. Chris

    23 Feb 2018 Developer, Moderator, Test Pilot

    I may have written that incorrectly. When you change a style - it won't update any other document in your database.
    At the moment, the template styles don't get included in new documents. This can be implemented in a future update.

    Sorry for the mix up.

  5. Ennovy

    23 Feb 2018 Test Pilot

    Thanks Chris!

  6. Edited 5 years ago by Metta

    +1 -- Would LOVE to have my custom templates/styles included in new documents and anywhere else the note/comment editor appears: tasks, contacts, journal, etc.

    This would be a great help in standardizing the font styles throughout my database. Thanks so much, Chris, for your consideration in this regard! :-)

  7. Also, just to confirm, having access to my custom styles wherever the notes/comments editor is used would completely obviate the need for my recent Help Desk request for an option to standardize font styles per module .

  8. Chris, could you please tell us where custom text/paragraph styles are stored in the program folders?

    I created a custom style several days ago that I've been regularly importing (since it doesn't yet show up by in my styles list), and when I selected the import option this afternoon, the default folder location in the selection window had changed.


  9. Update: Never mind! Just now discovered this a custom folder location (not one set by the system) -- and I found it! ;-)

    Apologies for any inconvenience.


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