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  1. 2 years ago

    Hi Chris.
    I spent quite a while reviewing v1 (even buying a licence) but did not implement it as my main PIM as I felt it was still in development (which I guess all current software always is) and decided to stay with my existing PIM, at that time.
    I am now looking at v2 and would like to offer the following feedback.

    1. Can a more colourful theme be added as a standard menu selection? I am aware you can customise each element of the window, but this is time consuming and has mixed results. If a more colourful set of themes were available, it would get out of the standard grey/white theme which is very bland.

    2. Can the tabs bar at the very top of the screen be switched off? I can see how this might help some in that it creates a history of pages you have been to, but I don't like it and would rather remove it.

    3. On the Finance > Add Transaction form, the label for 'Payment Details' is cut off as the height of the label is not enough

    4. Can I suggest a brand new module (big ask I know).
    This module would allow any interactions with a contact to be captured, such as:-
    Appointments (past and no longer on the calendar)
    Site Visits
    Phone Calls and what was discussed
    Documents sent and received (a log of what was posted or received, when a document was signed etc.)
    Conference calls

    No doubt there will be more as I eat into my 30 days of trial.

    Many thanks

  2. Chris

    15 Mar 2018 Developer, Moderator, Beta Tester
    Edited 2 years ago by Chris

    Many thanks for your review report. I do hope you carry on looking at doogiePIM and submitting further observations. After all, it's the way things get improved.

    1. Theme colours can be adjusted to one of over 16 million colours. Check out my video on setting up: Go to 4:27 minutes in. There is a part that shows how to choose a theme colour. You could also change the icon colours using the [Tools] [Settings] [Colour and UI behaviour].


    2. The Tabs are the main navigation between your used sections. Think of them like a normal web browser such as Chrome, Edge, FireFox. You can hide them but you will need to use the sections toolbar to jump to other areas easily. To toggle the Tabs, click on the top left [Menu] [View] [Horizontal Page Tabs]. This will toggle between shown and hidden. You could have vertical tabs as I do. Of course, it's your doogie so your preference. The options are there. Again, there is a little video to show toggling of the Tabs here: YouTube

    3. Thanks for noticing that glitch. It's fixed for the next update, v2.0.1.2.

    4. I would suggest using the Tasks section linked to a Contact. You can go to the Contacts section, highlight a contact then click on [Add Other Linked Item] [Add Linked Task] (or Document/Journal) then fill that Task in with the action that was made, eg: "Visited site of customer". You could then use the Task status symbols to control if that action is a future event action or a completed past event. Reports could then be generated for that Contact with its related links. Of course you could just highlight the Contact then look at the Related Links in the preview card too.


    I don't think doogiePIM needs another module/section as what you are refering to (unless I'm missing something big) can be achieved using the current sections within doogiePIM. I am in the process of making up specific sample databases with case studies to highlight this type of knowledge base usage. I hope you'll find it of value.

    Again, many thanks John and hope to read more of your inspiring observations soon.


  3. On 4 Chris, I'm not sure I'd want to fill my Tasks section with historical items.

    To me, Tasks are things yet to be done.
    The idea of the Communications module is to record a history of interactions with a contact.

    You would add a communication, select your contact, select the communication type from a dropdown (phone call, site visit, letter etc.), select a date and time, then have a large memo field where you would add what was discussed. Sorry but I can't see how Tasks would cut it.


  4. Edited 2 years ago by Metta

    @J-Hinckley ~

    I very much appreciate the feedback you've shared since I'm in the process now of reviewing doogiePIM, as well (day #2 of my free trial).

    So far I love what I've seen, and like you, I often want to preserve historical notes separate from current tasks. However, after reviewing what you've requested in terms of the new "Communications" module, I'm wondering if you could create a variety of communications folders in the "Documents" module and then link the appropriate documents to your Contacts (calls, appointments, etc.) or to your Calendar items (events, meetings, site visits, etc.)

    When these links are attached to a Contact or a Calendar item, they automatically show up immediately beside the comments on the "Links" tab (see the side panel on the Calendar). In addition, live links to all (or some) of the attached links could be added into the comments along with whatever context would be needed for each of these links.

    Alternatively, if you preferred to maintain a chronological history of your communications notes, they could be archived in a Communications Journal created specifically for this purpose, and then linked from there to either your Contacts or Calendar items.

    Would either of these options work for you, or am I missing the intended purpose of the Communications module you are describing?

  5. Hi Metta

    Thanks for your reply. Your idea would work but I still see it as a workaround to a missing feature.

    I would still like to see either a dedicated module for all communications and interactions, or alternatively if Chris could add a new tabbed area on each contact record and the records be added against the contact.

    I would like to see an efficient way to see a list of calls for example. Let's say you have your utility company as one of your contacts and you need to call them to change tariff, query a bill etc. I want to see a history of those calls. Against my Doctor, I want to see when I called, when I've visited for a consultation, or for treatment and I need to capture the same types of data which would be on a drop down (which an associated managed area within Admin to manage these of course).

    Whilst the Documents could be created a linked as you suggest, its still not a dedicated history which I could see in a list, or produce a report for.

    The idea is great, but I'd like to convince Chris we need the functionality in doogiePIM.


  6. Edited 2 years ago by Metta

    Thanks, John, for your additional feedback.

    I know Chris feels a separate Communications module is not necessary, and I'm tempted to agree with him.

    However, I would like to better understand what you are looking for just in terms of my own database and contact management since your proposal is intriguing to me.

    In addition, the more I've been thinking about, the more I like your suggestion of possibly adding a tabbed area on our Contacts. Could you elaborate a bit more about this?

    Specifically, I'm wondering:
    (1) Would you also want a similar tabbed option on Calendar items, especially in the instance where multiple contacts might be involved? (Events, meetings, conference calls, site visits, etc.)

    (2) Also, how do you imagine this tabbed option working?
    > Would it be one single field into which you could add additional notes?
    > Or would it provide the option to create several different kinds of links, each with their own notes field? (calls, appointments, meetings, site visits, etc.)

    (3) How do you imagine using the reports you would generate from this Communications tab?

    Will be looking forward to your feedback, John, whenever you have time.


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