Hi Chris.
I spent quite a while reviewing v1 (even buying a licence) but did not implement it as my main PIM as I felt it was still in development (which I guess all current software always is) and decided to stay with my existing PIM, at that time.
I am now looking at v2 and would like to offer the following feedback.

1. Can a more colourful theme be added as a standard menu selection? I am aware you can customise each element of the window, but this is time consuming and has mixed results. If a more colourful set of themes were available, it would get out of the standard grey/white theme which is very bland.

2. Can the tabs bar at the very top of the screen be switched off? I can see how this might help some in that it creates a history of pages you have been to, but I don't like it and would rather remove it.

3. On the Finance > Add Transaction form, the label for 'Payment Details' is cut off as the height of the label is not enough

4. Can I suggest a brand new module (big ask I know).
This module would allow any interactions with a contact to be captured, such as:-
Appointments (past and no longer on the calendar)
Site Visits
Phone Calls and what was discussed
Documents sent and received (a log of what was posted or received, when a document was signed etc.)
Conference calls

No doubt there will be more as I eat into my 30 days of trial.

Many thanks