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    20 Mar 2018 Developer, Moderator, Test Pilot

    doogiePIM version is uploaded and available for you to download here: https://bitespire.com/download.php

    This update release takes care of a few fixes and little glitches that were spotted by doogiePIM's eagle-eyed users. I have to thank you all for sending in those reports and observations. As you can see, these little things can be cleared up rather quickly, giving everyone a far better experience. If you have sent in a bug report or observation and it hasn't been fixed yet, then don't worry. It's only because I need a bigger hammer and I'm working on it.

    Feed Me Bugs

    Bug reports and observations can either be reported in the Fix Me forum or better still, the Development Ticket tracker so it can be tracked far better. Things tend to get lost quickly inside the forum ether. If you think your information contains private data, such as a screenshot, then please blur it out and send me an email with the report. You can contact me at any time.

    Browser Security Patch

    A new security patch has been implemented in the web browsing module, increasing the library version up to the latest CEF release. This release brings with it MP3 decoding so go ahead and try it on those radio stations or Freesound .

    An important security addition is the removal of GeoLocation GPS from the browser library. This means there's no location tracking on web pages. Some sites may try to guess your location from your IP address, but they won't be able to pinpoint exactly where you are using the standard GPS functions. Therefore, if you're using a road mapping system, TomTom or similar, then you will need to enter your location in manually.

    Community Discussions

    Task Recurrence

    Well, what a discussion that was. Many users are very passionate about how they see Task Recurrence. I've been thinking a great deal about this and have decided to implement task recurring details in a Task record. It won't be like Events and I still stand by how I see the differences between Tasks and Events. However, I'm giving you the fields in the Task edit window so you may utilise them as you see fit. This development will take some time to implement and will be in stages. I'll release beta test versions so you may see the progress and give your feedback as to how you could use the new features. Shout out your ideas and suggestions in the General discussion forum.

    Contact Action Logs

    Another passionate discussion was that of Contact Logs, whereby an action such as a telephone call or a client visit was recorded next to a Contact record. I can see this to be of great use especially for client billing and task/project management. Therefore, I'm going to implement this feature as a new tab on the Contact section. There will be a new tab next to Related Links so you can add an "Action". This action is purely custom with Action Types that you define. The same way Types and Categories or defined. I'll setup some basic ones, such as "Phone Call" and "Visit". You can then fill in the rest as you use them. This will all be in a grid format just like the custom fields in the Contact edit window. You add, delete and edit the action lines.

    This is my first thought about providing a solution to the problem and I hope you'll join me in trying the future beta versions to ensure the features are what you need and can use.

    Enjoy the new version as there's more to come...

    Kindest regards to you all,
    Phantom Flan Fanatic

  2. Wow! As a new (free trial) user, I'm amazed and impressed, Chris, by your responsiveness to recent bug reports and feature requests. The turn-around on these fixes and enhancements has been super-fast, and it certainly is encouraging me now to make doogiePIM my new task management home! ;-)

    Thanks again for providing such exemplary support for your users. Your conscientious support is among the best I've ever seen. :-D

  3. @metta agreed.

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    @zombieman50 ~

    Glad you agree! Made my purchase yesterday, and I'm very happy with doogiePIM. Also looking forward to quite a few fixes and enhancements in the next milestone release.

    FYI, if you haven't already seen it, be sure to check out the April-only discount currently available in the news forum:
    > https://bitespire.com/community/235-sponsoring-giveaways-and-discounts

    Hope you enjoy! :-)

  5. I've already got one, no worries.


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