How Do You Display & Sequence Your Tasks?

  1. 2 years ago
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    I'm a new doogiePIM user, and I'm curious how other users display and sequence their tasks for the day.

    Specifically, I'm curious about:

    • (1) how you flag tasks for display on the home page and
    • (2) how you determine the order in which to display them.

    For example: if I simply display my tasks based on their due dates, the tasks due today won't be in any particular order. This also won't help with displaying tasks to which due days have not been (and do not need to be) assigned.

    In light of this, I'm curious if any of you have a more refined, granular strategy for displaying today's tasks in the order you actually want to work on them.

    Currently, I've set my flags in a numerical sequence (based on a mix of urgency and priority), and then I flag my tasks accordingly. However, this just clusters tasks together in a general order of priority, without providing the discrete sequencing control I would ideally like.

    Any hints, tips or suggestions will be genuinely appreciated! :-)

  2. Chris

    24 Mar 2018 Developer, Moderator, Beta Tester

    I'm not sure about others but I can tell you how I manage my development tasks.

    I have the Task Type set up for "Just An Idea", "New Feature", "Fix", "Enhancement" and "Security".
    I have the Task Category set up for the release version, eg: "".
    I have the one Resource, "doogiePIM".

    When I log a Task To Do, I set the Type and Category to the desired setting. I don't use any of the dates unless this is an urgent Task. eg:

    Type: Fix
    Subject: Foldername display within column not showing
    Due Date: 2018-03-27 13:00

    Type: Fix
    Subject: Preview Panel tends to get confused about its height when doogiePIM is shutdown and the panel is expanded
    Due Date: 2018-03-27 14:00

    The above tasks are due on the same day so I will set the HOUR of each Due Date to when I would like them to appear. I will order by Tasks by the Due Date in the listing.

    The Tasks appear in folders of the left side navigator, grouped up by section and type of development.

    To see what Tasks I have to do today, I use the Home Page "Tasks Due" panel with a settings of "Show Only Open Tasks" and the due date as "Today+7". Everything else is not used. The Home page shows me my very important due tasks.

    For my detailed Tasks that I need to do for the next version release, "", I create a Task Report with a criteria of:

    Category =
    Done = False

    This report is the text you see in the History page. I just change the sort to foldername so they are grouped up.

    I know it's quite meta to use doogiepim to make doogiepim. ... doogieception !

    I hope my little explaination helps at all. Try using the dates because by changing the hour of each date could give you a sorted order of preference as to what you want to work on for that day. There are custom dates, tickle dates, review dates in the Tasks so go ahead and use those too. I like using the Due Date for priority as it makes the Task appear in the Calendar.

    Hope this helps.

  3. Very interesting, Chris! Thanks so much for taking time to provide this feedback. Your suggestions are quite helpful food for thought and inspiration for experimenting with options/strategies I had not previously considered, e.g., using date/hour settings to sequence daily tasks. Like you, I have historically used due dates only for urgent and/or fixed deadlines, so this is an option I had not yet considered.

    I will also give more thought to how I might use custom categories, types and reports. I've also already been experimenting with tickle and review dates, so if I have any additional questions on these options, I will let you know.

    In the meantime, it actually makes very good sense to use doogiePIM to create and maintain doogiePIM. In fact, it is a great testament to its reliability and functionality! :-)

    Thanks again for stepping in to help me consider my options for optimizing my use of doogiePIM. I'm still very much enjoying the robust feature set available in this application -- and I thank you again for your conscientious and faithful support.


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