Edited 2 years ago by Metta

I'm a new doogiePIM user, and I'm curious how other users display and sequence their tasks for the day.

Specifically, I'm curious about:

  • (1) how you flag tasks for display on the home page and
  • (2) how you determine the order in which to display them.

For example: if I simply display my tasks based on their due dates, the tasks due today won't be in any particular order. This also won't help with displaying tasks to which due days have not been (and do not need to be) assigned.

In light of this, I'm curious if any of you have a more refined, granular strategy for displaying today's tasks in the order you actually want to work on them.

Currently, I've set my flags in a numerical sequence (based on a mix of urgency and priority), and then I flag my tasks accordingly. However, this just clusters tasks together in a general order of priority, without providing the discrete sequencing control I would ideally like.

Any hints, tips or suggestions will be genuinely appreciated! :-)