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    22 Mar 2018 Developer, Moderator, Beta Tester
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    In light of Mr Zuckerberg's response regarding the recent debacle of Cambridge Analytica and how he manages his business, I have decided to remove any links to Facebook in the footer of

    I no longer plan to update the BiteSpire page on Facebook as I don't wish to push users over to that minefield. The grass appears greener on the other side of the fence because of all the bull excrement.

    I simply cannot tolerate and condone the actions Facebook has made in respect of keeping data private. Many people trust this platform to keep a social contact with family and friends. The Facebook platform has since turned into a data machine with the sole purpose of collecting and selling data to high flying businesses.

    If you see your users as commodities instead of humans then you need to rethink your business strategies and scruples.

    Sorry for the mini rant and I do hope your day goes well.

    Angry of Bampton

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    Thumbs Up :)

    I could not agree more !
    Deleted my Facebook account more then a year ago.
    I don't trust them (nor Google for that matter)

    Have a nice day anyway

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    Well said Chris.
    My fear is that Facebook is and won't be the only one. Facebook is perhaps unique because by its nature more details are given to it by users but in various forms we will be hearing about twitter and others too.


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