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  1. 2 years ago
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    I am now several days into my free trial, and I have been extremely pleased with the rich feature set (genius design) of doogiePIM and the exemplary support Chris provides.

    However, before I make a firm commitment to using doogiePIM for my PIM/Task Management needs, I wanted to review and confirm my data export options, just to to be sure I won't run the risk of losing access to any of my data once I begin building out my database.

    After reviewing the various import/export options, it looks like everything can be exported into either a CSV file and/or another database, except standard documents and journal entries. Is this correct?

    • If so, can an export option be provided for the standard documents and the Journal module?
    • If not, is there another backup option you can recommend?

    As for DoNotes, my assumption is that everything except files with .don extension can be opened by other applications.

    Am I also correct in assuming that:

    • .don documents can ONLY be read using doogiePIM and
    • there is NO export option for .don files?

    In addition, am I also correct in understanding that after the free trial expires we retain full access to ALL our data in ALL the modules, but we just can't add any NEW data into the database?

  2. Chris

    25 Mar 2018 Developer, Moderator, Beta Tester

    I'm very happy to learn you're happy with the experiences of doogiePIM and BiteSpire. I'm more than happy to provide assistance where and when I can.

    Indeed, you can export almost everything except doogiePIM specific data that is only required by doogiePIM and wouldn't be understood by any other application. eg: Internal GUID for linking.

    When you get close to the end of the 30 day evaluation licence you could go into each section and export as CSV etc. The Documents can be exported as RTF, one after another. RTF is recognised by a great many other applications. DON is specific to doogiePIM. In fact, where you see a rich text editor such as Contact comments, Journals, Noteboard blocks... each can be exported to RTF, DOCX (in some cases), HTML, TXT and DON formats.

    There is another option for very advanced users to export the whole database as a single SQL file for creating a SQL database such as MS-SQL, MySQL etc. This is quite advanced so I'll touch upon this at a later date.

    In summary, there is always an "Export" command in the "File" menu for each section. You could also use the Reports facility to export a complete, one-after-another, document for every Document in one go. A Report output can be exported as RTF, TXT, HTML etc.

    When the licence expires you won't have access to the use of doogiePIM commands but your database is completely intact and unlocked should you wish to reinstall doogiePIM on another computer and use the same database for another 30 days.

    I hope this helps.

  3. Thank you, Chris. This helps immensely.

    Very much appreciate your detailed overview of our export options, and I'll experiment with them in the days ahead.

  4. Edited 2 years ago by Metta

    Also, although the "advanced" SQL database backup may be over my head, I do look forward to learning more about this option when you have time to share more details.


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