Feature Request: Strong Parent/Child Relationships

  1. 2 years ago

    One feature I'd like to see is an option or preference setting for creating "strong" or "tight" connections betwween parent and child tasks.

    This strong connection would apply in at least 3 possible contexts:

    • - When moving a parent task to a different folder, all the children would follow.
    • - When changing the status of a task to waiting or deferred, the status for all the children would be set to match.
    • - When marking a task closed and/or completed, all the children would be marked accordingly.

    I realize everyone might not like to have such a close connection between parent and child tasks, which is why I've requested this as an optional setting -- or perhaps it could be a selection option on each of the aforementioned activities?

    Will be looking forward to your feedback on the feasibility of this request.

  2. Chris

    28 Mar 2018 Developer, Moderator, Beta Tester

    This is already in future plans.

    Actions such as project dates, progress action and completions are in the pipeline to ripple up the parent tree. I can't say much more of what is coming as I'm sure it'll be a nice surprise.

  3. Great! :-)

    Thanks so much for confirming, Chris. Very much appreciate your help with keeping the parent/child tasks connected.

    Also, no worries about not sharing any specific details. I like surprises -- and, based on everything you've already provided for us, I'm sure these next enhancements will be wonderful, as well! ;-)


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