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    20 Apr 2018 Developer, Moderator, Beta Tester
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    Hi everyone and a big welcome to some new community members and new users of doogiePIM.

    The news today is, a brand new release of doogiePIM upping its version to There's lots of little goodies in this release. A few users have written in and submitted some fixes and observations, I thank you all. A great many of these observations have been implemented with the remainder coming in the next versions. I'm trying to release a new version at least every month, especially with the important security fixes so please keep your observations coming in.

    You can read all the latest changes here:

    What's Hot?

    Apart from the UK heatwave, I have some hot exciting news. The record URL system is now coming together quite nicely. This system means that every single record, every contact, task, event, document, noteblock etc, has its own URL that can be obtained. Think of a URL as a pointer to a web page. That URL address input bar in every web browser (and doogiePIM) is how you can quickly jump to web pages and records. Yes, you can even bookmark your records!

    Every day, I have to use my personal contact information and I'm sick and scrolling through the contacts to find my mobile number. Now I just click the bookmarks dropdown button and go straight to the bookmarked contact record of my details. Quick and easy.

    To bookmark a record, just go to any of your Contacts, for example. Then click on the Star icon, just like bookmarking a web page.

    But wait! did you know you can use that URL in the hyperlinking of rich text too!

    Name That Tune, err Image

    Which brings me to my next new feature. Images inside rich text can now be given names. This means you can append a special set of characters to the end of the record's hyperlink URL and will take you straight to that image when jumped to.

    To name an image in a Document, Journal or a Noteboard's Noteblock

    Bring up the "Properties of Current Item" from the toolbar or the Format menu:
    Go to the new "Naming" tab and fill in the image name. Use something short and unique to identify this image.

    To reference a named image in another document

    When you bring up the Hyperlink dialog after selecting some text you want to link from, click on the "Choose Item" button.
    Now locate the document where you want to link to and scroll down until you find your named image. Now click on the image. You will see the image name appear in the "Choose Item" dialog near the OK button. Once you hit OK, the image name will be appended auto-magically to your new hyperlink. Save your document and test your new hyperlink. You may have to hit Ctrl+LeftClick to jump to that link.

    I hope you can see and use the benefits of hyperlinking as there is plenty more planned in the future. Even to the extent of linking to any word, figure, citation and document note. Yes, there may even be record to record history so you can backtrack easier. The foundation has to be laid first.

    Enjoy the new release and for all the UK people - enjoy the heatwave.

    Avid Amorous Artichoker

  2. Interesting new features and very well explained
    Thank you Chris and have a nice day

    Avid usor doogiePIM :)

  3. Chris

    23 Apr 2018 Developer, Moderator, Beta Tester

    An important fix to stop crashing in the Journal has just been uploaded. If you have version please download the new version and install it.

    Download from here:


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