Several email problems

  1. 2 years ago

    • email full search result does not launch when clicking/selecting it or it goes to an unrelated email this happened in V. and 5.
    • when searching email by field it takes a long time or crashes/hangs the program, even after doing a rebuild and if the search completes the message will not open.
    • after creating a new folder and moving a mail message into it I have to restart the program to see the new folder and message.

  2. Chris

    25 Apr 2018 Developer, Moderator, Beta Tester
    Edited 2 years ago by Chris

    I'd love to help rectify these observations if you could give me some extra information;

    1. Please tell me which "email full search" command you used, eg: F9 full search first tab 1, email section quick search...
    2. Is this in the F9 search by field? If so, what where the parameters you used? Note, searching by field examines each and every record so it can take a long time and may appear to freeze. How many email records do you have?
    3. This shouldn't happen at all. Just by creating a folder, should be visible immediately. How did you move the message into the folder if you didn't see it? Can you recreate it even after restarting doogiePIM? If so, please tell me how as I'm unable to reproduce this.

    Many thanks for the feedback and please let me know the information so I can fix this for you.

  3. 1. F9 full search

    2. I searched in the "full search page" and also in 'search in messages" using "content of mail message" field. I have 2 mail accounts with about 4800 messages. But no matter which way I search I am still unable to open the result or it goes to and highlights a different email one that I was not searching for.

    3. I right clicked on the message and selected "move to" and then selected the folder and created the sub-folder, I needed, and pressed ok. Once back in mail I did not see the new sub-folder until after restarting the program. This does not seem to happen when the folder has previously been created.

  4. Chris

    26 Apr 2018 Developer, Moderator, Beta Tester
    Edited 2 years ago by Chris
    1. Many thanks.
    2. Thanks for the extra information. I can work on the problem now.
    3. Awesome, thanks for the detail. I can reproduce this now. Added to fix list.

    You should try the first tab in the F9 full search as this is a much faster search. Your database does need to be indexed first though. See this Help on Full Search and Indexing .
    Also read this help article on Indexing preferences.

    Using [Search by Field] [Messages] [Content of Mail Message]. Searching through each and every message took about 12 mins for 5000 messages on my test database.

    Using the indexed [Full Search]. The search took 0.01 seconds.

    Use [Search by Field] is a last resort search when you can't find the message using the following functions in order of priority:

    1. Quick Search in a folder
    2. F9 Full Search
    3. F9 Search by Field

    I hope this helps and many thanks for bringing this to the attention of the community.

  5. Hi,
    Thank's for the suggestions and I will read the help.

    Don't know if this is important but I just recently discovered that my email selection has to be set to "all" in order to open the selected email in the search results.

    I usually am in "today's" email in the am but had to search for a lost email by using "all", yesterday, and was able to open and go directly to any email I searched for.

  6. Chris

    4 May 2018 Developer, Moderator, Beta Tester

    Ah! I see.

    If you have the filters on and the document can't be displayed due to the filters, the search would have to automatically switch off the filters so it can display the document. The alternative would be to display and ignore the filters. I'll test either situation and see which is more viable. Perhaps the best way would be to open the result in a new window instead of the main section window. Let me know.

    Many thanks for the info.


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