Slightly strange browser behaviour

  1. last year

    I copied the text from a document, opened an Evernote page in the browser and tried to paste the text into Evernote. It would paste into the title but not the body. If I opened Evernote in Chrome, it would past quite happily into the body of the note. In the doogiePIM browser it would copy quite happily into the body of a SimpleNote note.
    Repeated a few times, always with same results.

  2. Chris

    8 May 2018 Developer, Moderator, Beta Tester

    Could it be that Evernote has a Chrome extension running that assists the pasting? In doogiePIM there are no extensions. I'm only guessing as I can't test it.

    What if you try another browser such as Opera, Firefox... Do you get the same result as doogiePIM?

  3. Works fine in Firefox and Vivaldi

    And wouldn't really explain why it pasted fine into the title area but not into the body.
    Just seems very strange to me..


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