doogiePIM version 1.0.2016.86 Now Available

  1. 5 years ago
  2. Chris

    15 May 2016 Developer, Moderator, Test Pilot

    A brand new build is now available. This new version has many new features and enhancements as well as a fix to the Known Contacts in the Email Messages. But, by far, my favourite enhancement is the smart linking improvements. This means you don't need to manually link certain records, such as a Contact to a Bookmark (as long as you have a bookmark URL for doogie to find.


    The new version is available for download here:

    Latest Changes

    Browser | New Feature | Option available in Settings to allow web browser to remember the last tabs.
    Browser | New Feature | Advert blocking server matches can now be accessed from Settings as well as the Tools/Admin menu.
    Browser | New Feature | Added option to show or hide a details balloon for each tab.
    Browser | Enhancement | Browser remembers last visible configuration of toolbars, status bar and tabs.
    Browser | Enhancement | Holding down SHIFT when clicking on a link will override the popup settings and launch in a new tab.
    Documents | New Feature | Document preview text displayed on each folder card display.
    Home | New Feature | Home section auto-refresh when records are changed.
    Internal | New Feature | Translate Language added to "Research text". More can be added by changing Tools/Admin/Research URLs.
    Journal | New Feature | Journal preview text displayed on each folder card display.
    Journal | Enhancement | Improved Navigator display of selected period dates.
    Journal | Enhancement | Improved render speed of Folder Card View for Journals and Documents.
    Journal | New Feature | Added Journal Sort options in settings - AutoSort/Manual by date.
    Messages | New Feature | Added automatic "Related Links" for Messages to Resources and Bookmarks by email address.
    Messages | Fix | "Known Contact" icon not displaying properly for contacts with many email addresses.
    Messages | New Feature | Added an automatic warning message in preview area when subject contains "*** VIRUS ***".
    Messages | New Feature | Added "Auto Switch To Mail Message Tab" in Message List view settings.
    Messages | Enhancement | Improved "Automatic Related Links" for Messages to Contacts with multiple addresses.
    UI | New Feature | Word Count and Document Statistics added to context menu (right-click) of every rich text editor.
    Vault | New Feature | Quick Search added to Vault for searching list grid and comments.

    I hope you enjoy the new changes and enhancements. As always, please let me know if there's anything I can do to doogiePIM to make it your number one choice for Personal Information Management.


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