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    21 May 2018 Developer, Moderator, Test Pilot

    Greetings to one and all. It's that time for a little update release to doogiePIM. For those that are unaware, I try to release a new update on (or about) the 20th of every month. Yes, there can be little releases in between to satisfy and squash important bugs but I also try to make the 20th my target release date.

    Welcome to version

    By the title you'll be forgiven to think this release has a naval theme. Well, not quite. The "anchors" in this release relate to placing a bookmark anchor down at any point inside a Document or a Noteboard's Document. This is so you can reference this anchor point in the internal URL scheme throughout doogiePIM. So, when making up a hyperlink to a favourite Document you would probably go to that Document and head for the [Edit] menu and select [Copy item's internal URL]. You could also do this with hitting the bookmark star next to the URL input box, like a web browser.

    Now you have that URL, it looks something like this:


    If you have bookmark anchors you've defined in that document, you can add a reference to an anchor, like so:


    You'll see the appended #MyAnchorName means if you pop that new URL into the address bar and go to that URL, doogiePIM will take your edit cursor directly to that anchor point in that document. Yes, doogiePIM has all manner of amazemagic in its features.

    How to add Anchors

    Open up your favourite Document and place your edit cursor on the word or position of the document you want to add an anchor. Now head to the [Insert] menu and choose [Bookmark Anchors...]. This little window will show all your currently defined anchors so you could use the [Go To] command to jump to them or hit the [Add] button to create a new anchor after giving a name to it. By default the name is taken from the word your cursor is on.

    A bigger playing field

    Another notable change is the size of the Noteboard canvas. This has now been increased to a whopping 128000 x 128000 pixels. I think this should satisfy the mind mapping of any large family tree or avid inventor. One caveat is the export of the noteboard map when using this huge size. The export won't create a bitmap anymore. I'm working on a feature that will slice the canvas into sections so they can be stitched together, should you need a 128000 x 128000 bitmap.

    Other little things that have been noted and observed by users have been fixed and there are a couple of little things yet to do but I'll leave those for another update, maybe quite soon.

    In closing, many thanks for all the wonderful comments, especially from the new users of doogiePIM. Keep those observations coming in.

    Download the new release:

    Read the changes:


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