In Interest of Privacy and Freedom

  1. last year

    In the interest of privacy, freedom, and other privacy-related news- please consider a Linux (Debian) version of Doogie.

    Microsoft Windows OS is infamous for being vulnerable to malware, trojans, and viruses. Linux is almost non-vulnerable and more secure due to its inherent design. Linux does not require the use of commercial anti-virus/anti-malware packages. In fact, some version of GNU/Linux is chosen most often for supercomputers and security.

    Linux respects privacy. Unlike windows, it does not generate logs and upload data from your machine. A user should be well aware of Windows privacy policy. Linux allows the user to install only the desired software nothing else (no bloatware). Linux allows full freedom. If there were a backdoor or vulnerability in Linux, you'd know it because of it being opensource and community driven. Typically, one only becomes aware vulnerabilities in Mac/Windows if it is disclosed by the company itself, maybe its users/communities, etc. Control over user-data is essential

    No, I am not saying Linux is "perfect". When WikiLeaks released Vault 7, it revealed numerous nsa hacking capabilities and vulnerabilities for every major operating systems (windows, mac, android, ios, and Linux). But (IMHO), Linux is king compared to Windows & Mac when it comes to control, privacy, and freedom. It also gives users/developers the best chance at protecting what's theirs - data. I currently only use windows for Doogie and sometimes Office (though I have office completely installed and operable on Linux via Crossover).

    I know development for Linux may not be planned, but I humbly ask that it be considered. If I am in the minority of wanting a Linux version, I will understand why a Linux version of Doogie may not happen.

    For the record: I trust Christopher M. Payton (others if applicable) 100% when it comes privacy/security and overall development of Doogie. The concerns mentioned are not an indictment on BiteSpire.

  2. Chris

    11 Jul 2018 Developer, Moderator, Beta Tester
    Edited last year by Chris

    In the last couple of months or so, I've spent a little time investigating the possibility of a Debian Linux "doogiePIM". It's going to be a tall order as everything will need to be coded from scratch. However, time is allocated for this project but please don't expect this to appear this year. Also included is the Crossover compatibility too. It may take too long for a Linux version so an emulated version may help. I love Linux, it's a wonderful OS. Since starting on Unix over 35 years ago, I've seen the OS develop into an amazing stable base. Over 67% of the world's servers are now run on a version of it. Android is a cut down version of it and the Apple OS is basically Linux. It's the Wizard of OZ "man behind the curtain" that very little people realise.

    I'm 100% in agreement with you, mdw20. The term "Windows Privacy" is an oxymoron. Myself, I use Windows Pro as this has the ability to remove a lot of the telemetry that gets sent back to Microsoft. I also use a third party tool called "OOSU10"
    A wonderful little utility to switch off all those privacy problem ridden features in one screen. But then we are faced with other needed drivers such as the dreaded NVIDIA drivers which call home and send back huge amounts of telemetry about your uses.

    We are never going to be able to go truly "Off Grid" as the modern life we have now demands a communication format. Short of pulling out the Ethernet cable, switch off the router and cancelling the ISP subscription, we can't be truly offline. The greater powers at be see dollar signs when communication gets easier. This is the problem.

    Anyway, rant over for me. I'd like to hear more from you guys. What do you think about this situation? What versions of Linux do you like? What Linux Desktop are you using?

  3. Mostly I don't use Linux at all.
    There have been times in the past when I used it more, occasionally more than Windows. And I prefer cross-platform apps because I can switch if I want to. But Windows has a greater range of utility and efficiency for me and works well enough for now. If my needs reduce, then Linux will be a contender. But might consider the Chromebook route then.
    I'm agnostic about distro. Not even sure which ones I have installed, though none are up-to-date. I go with what seems best at the time.

  4. So this might be a dumb question because I've not researched it yet. But could one use DoogiePIM in Linux if they created a WINE wrapper? That is, if they have a valid Doogie license of course. What I'm not sure of is if using a WINE wrapper re-introduces the same vulnerabilities as Windows has. Ideas or comments?


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