Thank you for this amazing application. I've spent years looking for something like this only to stumble upon it on Stack Social. I've been shocked and amazed that so few people seem to know about DoogiePIM even though it has been out for two years - this is the solution a lot of productivity and organizing types I know want and need in their life!

I love that there is an active community surrounding this application. Is there any way, or a plan to implement a feature, to be able to move and rearrange tabs in the sidebar and/or horizontal tab bar? This would be of great benefit to me, and I'm sure many others, as I have a tendency to align my most active tabs to the left in order to be actioned first.

On a minor side note, is there a way to utilize the spellcheck feature of Chromium on the DoogiePIM web browser? By nature I cannot spell worth a damn and when I right click on the red underlined word there is no option to correct the wording.