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  1. last year

    Hi Chris,

    Excellent array of new features and fixes in The added message blacklist features are already making life much easier. Now I can just watch as the junk folder populates.

    Also I'm really liking the new folder search capability when moving emails in the message tab. I'm liking that the folders are located as each new letter is typed. I like that sub-folders are also located.

    A few minor tweak suggestions to the move email dialogue. At the moment you can select the search field by either clicking on it, or using the shift key. Would it be possible to start typing immediately into the search field when ctl-m is invoked? It would save an extra key press. Also, could we have an option to hit 'enter' to move the message to the select folder instead of using the 'ok' button.

    Still many recent changes to check out yet :)

  2. Chris

    24 Sep 2018 Developer, Moderator, Beta Tester

    I'm glad you like the changes.

    With the "Move to Folder" dialog, I can certainly make those minor changes. In the meantime, you can press [Tab] to move your input focus to each control. That may help until the next update.

    Many thanks for your suggestions.


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