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    Edited last year by Sergiy

    [FIXED in]

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  4. Edited last year by Sergiy

    [partially fixed]
    [FIXED in]


  5. Chris

    19 Nov 2018 Developer, Moderator, Beta Tester

    @Sergiy It was a good update. Much has been done. Phrases that were added to the translation I processed. But only what really found in the forms. The latest version of the file is here . But we need to move on.

    Your link is missing.

    Thanks for the new observations. I'll get to work on them, right away.

  6. Edited last year by Sergiy

    @Chris Your link is missing.

    Sorry, fixed the link :)

  7. I added a variable to the translation file


    because it wasn't there, but it works.

  8. Edited last year by Sergiy

    [FIXED]The last letter in the word "Каждый" does not fit. It is advisable to move the month selection field to the right.

  9. Chris

    20 Nov 2018 Developer, Moderator, Beta Tester

    I've uploaded the latest compile of work done over the last few days. The new patch is doogiePIM version This should be unpacked into your application folder.

    You need version at least installed first.

    These new fields should be added to the end of the language file:

    ; v2.1.0.6
    Textpositionmm________________=Text position, mm
    Listtextpositionmm____________=List text position, mm
    Resettoapplicationdefaults____=Reset to application defaults
    Saveasmydefaults______________=Save as my defaults
    Resettomydefaults_____________=Reset to my defaults
    ShowEventTypesKeyGuideOnBottom=Show Event Types Key Guide On Bottom Of Planner
    Autoapplychanges______________=Auto apply changes
    DayHeadingsColour_____________=Day Headings Colour
    MonthHeadingsColour___________=Month Headings Colour
    WeekEndFontColour_____________=WeekEnd Font Colour
    WeekEndColour_________________=WeekEnd Colour
    MonthBorderColour_____________=Month Border Colour
    OddMonthColour________________=Odd Month Colour
    EvenMonthColour_______________=Even Month Colour
    &EventTypes___________________=&Event Types
    EditCategories________________=Edit Categories
    CategoryandType_______________=Category and Type
    NumofDays_____________________=Num of Days
    StartsFrom____________________=Starts From
    EventStartandDuration_________=Event Start and Duration
    &SetPassword..._______________=&Set Password...
    YouhaventsetapasswordforyourVa=You haven|~squote~|t set a password for your Vault section. In order to protect your confidential information in Vault, you need to set a password
    AssignorChangeVaultPassword___=Assign or Change Vault Password
    NewVaultpasswordwassetsuccessf=New Vault password was set successfully.
    continuenumbering_____________=Continue numbering
    resetnumberingto______________=Reset numbering to
    createanewliststartingfrom____=Create a new list, starting from
    ComputerNetworkName___________=Computer Network Name
    DateofBirth___________________=Date of Birth
    ManagerName___________________=Manager Name
    AssistantName_________________=Assistant Name
    BusinessAddressStreet_________=Business Address Street
    BusinessAddressCity___________=Business Address City
    BusinessAddressState__________=Business Address State
    BusinessAddressPostalCode_____=Business Address PostalCode
    BusinessAddressCountry________=Business Address Country
    HomeAddressStreet_____________=Home Address Street
    HomeAddressCity_______________=Home Address City
    HomeAddressState______________=Home Address State
    HomeAddressPostalCode_________=Home Address PostalCode
    HomeAddressCountry____________=Home Address Country
    OtherAddressStreet____________=Other Address Street
    OtherAddressCity______________=Other Address City
    OtherAddressState_____________=Other Address State
    OtherAddressPostalCode________=Other Address PostalCode
    OtherAddressCountry___________=Other Address Country
    PlannerName___________________=Planner Name
    Senton________________________=Sent on
    Receivedon____________________=Received on
    CarbonCopy____________________=Carbon Copy
    BlindCarbonCopy_______________=Blind Carbon Copy
    EmailSize_____________________=Email Size
    IsRead________________________=Is Read
    IsReplied_____________________=Is Replied
    RawMessageSource______________=Raw Message Source
    NoteContent___________________=Note Content
    RemindMinsBefore______________=Remind Mins Before
    LastLevel_____________________=Last Level
    Level1________________________=Level 1
    Level2________________________=Level 2
    Level3________________________=Level 3
    LastValue_____________________=Last Value
    Value1________________________=Value 1
    Value2________________________=Value 2
    Value3________________________=Value 3
    Text4_________________________=Text 4
    Text5_________________________=Text 5
    Amount1_______________________=Amount 1
    Amount2_______________________=Amount 2
    DocumentBody__________________=Document Body
    AdjustDueDateto|______________=Adjust Due Date to:
    AdjustStartDateto|____________=Adjust Start Date to:
    Overdue|0_____________________=Overdue: 0
    Totalitems|0__________________=Total items: 0
    Eventrecurrence_______________=Event recurrence
  10. Edited last year by Chris

    Ok, translate further. And so that you do not miss, ...

    **Further details in private message. Chris.**

  11. Edited last year by Sergiy

    [FIXED in] Three phrases in the corrected form were left without translation.


  12. Edited last year by Sergiy

    [FIXED in] When switching to Russian, no events are displayed in the Planner.


  13. Edited last year by Sergiy

    [FIXED in]

  14. Edited last year by Sergiy

    [FIXED in]

  15. Chris

    21 Nov 2018 Developer, Moderator, Beta Tester

    Would "Background" be better?

  16. Edited last year by Sergiy

    @Chris Would "Background" be better?

    I assume that you can apply another abbreviation for Background to English. It is only important that they be different, because in Russian it is impossible to use the same word for these two meanings. "Назад" and "Фон" can not be denoted by a single word by any abbreviation.
    p. s. The same case as with title / caption

  17. Edited last year by Sergiy

    [FIXED in] Confirmation window when deleting a message. No translation for buttons.


  18. Chris

    23 Nov 2018 Developer, Moderator, Beta Tester

    I've uploaded a new patch that addresses most of the observations. The new version is

    You'll need version at least installed first.
    Copy this file into your doogiePIM application folder.

    I'me going to work on the Quick Search as well as some Journal changes over the weekend.

    These are the additions that should be added to the base language file:

    ; v2.1.0.7
    &Underlineactivelinks_________=&Underline active links
    As&normal_____________________=As &normal
    Activecolors__________________=Active colors
    Numberpositionmm______________=Number position, mm
    Imagepositionmm_______________=Image position, mm
    Bulletpositionmm______________=Bullet position, mm
    ResetDefaults_________________=Reset Defaults
    Automaticallycorrect&DUalcapit=Automatically correct &DUal capitals
    &Flagrepeatedwordswhenchecking=&Flag repeated words when checking spelling
    Suggestfrommaindictionariesonl=Suggest from main dictionaries only
    Ignoreabbreviations___________=Ignore abbreviations
    Ignorequotedlines_____________=Ignore quoted lines
    Ignore&Internetaddresses______=Ignore &Internet addresses
    Ignorewordscontaining&numbers_=Ignore words containing &numbers
    Ignorewordsin&UPPERCASE_______=Ignore words in &UPPERCASE
    &Dictionaries...______________=&Dictionaries ...
    &CustomDictionary|____________=&Custom Dictionary:
    &ChangeAll____________________=&Change All
    &IgnoreAll____________________=&Ignore All
    &ReplaceWith|_________________=&Replace With:
    NotFound|_____________________=Not Found:
    ReplaceWith|__________________=Replace With:
    LookedUp|_____________________=Looked Up:
    CustomDictionaries|___________=Custom Dictionaries:
    E&xcludethisword|_____________=E&xclude this word:
    Exclusionsareforbiddenwordstha=Exclusions are forbidden words that will always be considered incorrectly spelled.
    Addinganautocorrecttoyourcusto=Adding an auto-correct to your custom dictionary allows one word to automatically replace another.
    Addthiswo&rd|_________________=Add this wo&rd:
    Wordsaddedtoyourcustomdictiona=Words added to your custom dictionary will be considered correct when checking spelling.
    Adds__________________________=Added words
    &Enterthenewcustomdictionaryna=&Enter the new custom dictionary name:
    DismissAll____________________=Dismiss All
    RemoveandDismissAllReminders__=Remove and Dismiss All Reminders
    RemoveandDismissselectedremind=Remove and Dismiss selected reminder
    SnoozeAll_____________________=Snooze All
    Gotosectionandlocateitem______=Go to section and locate item
    Openselecteditemdetails_______=Open selected item details
    Snoozefor|____________________=Snooze for:
  19. Deleted last year by Chris
  20. Thank you, Chris! I will also work at the weekend with the translation.

  21. Edited last year by Sergiy

    What the parameter does "Flag repeated words when checking spelling"? I can not understand the purpose of this.

  22. Edited last year by Sergiy

    [It's all right, it was my mistake, I missed the symbol "="]
    The variable exists, but is not passed to the form.


  23. Edited last year by Sergiy

    [FIXED in]
    In English, the word "Open" is used equally to describe the status of an object and to act on it. Open - what state and open - what to do. In Russian, these are different words. I cannot name the task status (Открыто) and the action on the event (Открыть) in the same way. Need a second variable, for example "opened" (for the task).


  24. Edited last year by Sergiy

    Последняя версия файла перевода находится здесь .
    The latest version of the translation file is here .

  25. Edited last year by Sergiy

    [FIXED in]
    Pressing the button resets the translation.


  26. Edited last year by Sergiy

    [FIXED in]
    One small detail


  27. Edited last year by Sergiy

    [FIXED in]

  28. Edited last year by Sergiy

    [FIXED in]
    Insert / edit hyperlink in documents (F12) - not translated


  29. Edited last year by Sergiy

    [FIXED in]
    These fields are not available for selection in Russian localization, but available in English.
    1. Switch to Russian
    2 Go to Reports section
    3 Create a new report
    Note: if the fields are selected in the English localization, then when switching then to Russian they will be displayed.


  30. Edited last year by Sergiy

    Translation of resource details + compact layout. These files need to be extracted from the archive and placed in the "C:\BiteSpire\doogiePIM2\System\PreviewCards\Resources", replacing the existing ones. Attention! Backup your original files!

    Перевод деталей ресурсов + более компактные макеты. Эти файлы нужно извлечь из архива и разместить в "C:\BiteSpire\doogiePIM2\System\PreviewCards\Resources", заменив существующие. Внимание! Сделайте резервную копию оригинальных файлов!

  31. Chris

    24 Nov 2018 Developer, Moderator, Beta Tester

    @Sergiy In English, the word "Open" is used equally to describe the status of an object and to act on it. Open - what state and open - what to do. In Russian, these are different words. I cannot name the task status (Открыто) and the action on the event (Открыть) in the same way. Need a second variable, for example "opened" (for the task).

    I've changed the reminder windows use the variable "&Open..." as this is a verb (Открыть) rather than a noun. It fits better.

    Line: 249

  32. @Chris I've changed the reminder windows use the variable "&Open..." as this is a verb (Открыть) rather than a noun. It fits better.

    Line: 249

    It's will be ok

  33. Edited last year by Sergiy

    [FIXED in]
    Not everything is translated in the main toolbar.


  34. Chris

    25 Nov 2018 Developer, Moderator, Beta Tester
    Edited last year by Chris

    It was a long weekend but I managed to get quite a few things done.
    I've uploaded the new patch. The new version is

    You'll need version at least installed first.
    Unpack and copy this file into your doogiePIM application folder.

    I still have some minor things to do, such as with the search and the Reports.

    These are the additions that should be added to the base language file:

    ; v2.1.0.8
    DraftLayout___________________=Draft Layout
    PrintLayoutwithHeadersandFoote=Print Layout with Headers and Footers
    AlwayssetViewLayoutto_________=Always set View Layout to
    OnJournalLoading______________=On Journal Loading
    ChoosetheHyperlinkTypetheneith=Choose the Hyperlink Type, then either enter the hyperlink address in the input box below, or choose a target link item.
    Localfile_____________________=Local file
    InternetURLaddress____________=Internet URL address
    LinktoaDatabaseRecord_________=Link to a Database Record
    Hyperlink&Type________________=Hyperlink &Type
    SameAsNormalColour____________=Same As Normal Colour
    OtherColour___________________=Other Colour
    ActiveHoverColour_____________=Active/Hover Colour
    NormalColour__________________=Normal Colour
    Choose&File___________________=Choose &File
    Locateandchooseadifferentfile_=Locate and choose a different file
    Choose&Item___________________=Choose &Item
    Locateandchooseadifferentitem_=Locate and choose a different item
    Launchthehyperlink____________=Launch the hyperlink
    Clearthehyperlink_____________=Clear the hyperlink
    EnterthecompleteURLbelowinclud=Enter the complete URL below, including any protocol (http://, ftp:// etc)
    H&yperlinkTarget______________=H&yperlink Target
    applystylesofthetargetdocument=apply styles of the target document
    keepstylesandappearance_______=keep styles and appearance
    keepappearanceignorestyles____=keep appearance, ignore styles
    &Pasteas|_____________________=&Paste as:
    AllowDoNotestobeReceived______=Allow DoNotes to be Received
    ClicktoAllowDoNotestobeReceive=Click to Allow DoNotes to be Received
    BlockAllDoNotes_______________=Block All DoNotes
    ClicktoBlockAllDoNotes________=Click to Block All DoNotes
    ComposeDraftTemplateMessage___=Compose Draft/Template Message
    BackgroundColour2_____________=Background Colour 2
    BackgroundColour1_____________=Background Colour 1
    ; Additional
    PressChooseItemtochooseadiffer=Press |~quote~|Choose Item|~quote~| to choose a different Database Item.
    Enterthecompletemailaddressbel=Enter the complete mail address below, eg:
    Enterthecompletetelephonenumbe=Enter the complete telephone number. eg: +44 123 456789
    PressChooseFiletochooseadiffer=Press |~quote~|Choose File|~quote~| to choose a different file from a disk.
    EnterthetargetURLbeloworpressC=Enter the target URL below or press |~quote~|Choose File|~quote~| or |~quote~|Choose Item|~quote~|.

    Here's a list of changes so far:
    Calendar | Enhancement | Reminder Alert layout improvements
    Calendar | Fix | Reminder time no longer displayed if reminder is cancelled
    Calendar | New Feature | Past events show as faded gray text unless font has been coloured manually
    Documents | Enhancement | Scrollbars are now coloured to match the theme
    Documents | Enhancement | Rulers are now coloured to match the theme
    Documents | Fix | Reset to Defaults of Spelling Options tends to reset the translation
    Documents | Fix | Spell check dialog improvements
    Documents | Fix | Vertical and Horizontal rulers no longer claim the limelight and will stay hidden for the next session
    Home | Fix | "Quote of the day" icons appeared as boxes
    Internal | Enhancement | Blowfish encryption method now set at 448bit
    Internal | Enhancement | Encrypt/Decrypt files now has the ability to add more than one file at a time using the file selector
    Journal | Enhancement | Adjusted margins of editor in Web layout so it uses more screen space for editing
    Journal | Enhancement | Context menu added to Journal's calendar
    Messages | Fix | Decoding of sender's name
    Messages | Fix | Corrected caption on Message filter header for when the selected folder is either Sent or Outbox
    Messages | Fix | Quick Search Unicode improvements
    Messages | Fix | "Open Message" didn't show from, to and subject
    Planner | Fix | Events display didn't show when using translated version of "All items"
    Planner | New Feature | "Weekend Colour" added to customisation of colours
    Resources | Fix | Spacing on Expiry Date message
    Search / Indexing | Fix | Clicking the Filter button twice isn't needed anymore
    Settings | New Feature | Document and Journal locked zoom levels can be set individually
    Settings | New Feature | Added setting to always show Document/Journal in "web" format rather than in Print Layout mode
    Tasks | Fix | "Group By" unicode and width
    UI | Fix | Recurrence editor window adjustments
    UI | Fix | Removed superfluous "Section View" when on a browser page tab
    UI | Fix | Display adjustments to various fields of Encrypt and Decrypt Files tool
    Vault | Enhancement | Vault access improvements
    Vault | Fix | Vault dialog warning of no password tends to show twice sometimes

    ... more to come...

  35. Edited last year by Sergiy

    Chris, you forgot that you need to add four more variables to the file:

    Enterthecompletemailaddressbel=Введите ниже полный адрес электронной почты, напр.:
    PressChooseItemtochooseadiffer=Нажмите |~quote~|Элемент...|~quote~| чтобы выбрать произвольный элемент базы данных
    Enterthecompletetelephonenumbe=Введите полный телефонный номер, напр.: +7 123 456 7890
    EnterthetargetURLbeloworpressc=Введите ниже целевой URL-адрес или нажмите |~quote~|Файл...|~quote~| или |~quote~|Элемент...|~quote~|

    and I had to call the spirits to find them in the bitespire egregor.
    Now you should give me a wider button.
    [FIXED in]

  36. Chris

    26 Nov 2018 Developer, Moderator, Beta Tester

    Far be it for me to anger the Gods. I shall make my offering of a wider button in the next patch. Please accept my humble appeasement for this oversight. :)

  37. The latest version of the translation file (for the version of the doogiePIM is here

    Последняя версия файла перевода (для версии doogiePIM здесь

  38. Edited last year by Sergiy

    [FIXED in]
    It seems in the translation of tasks there are final touches.


  39. Chris

    26 Nov 2018 Developer, Moderator, Beta Tester

    "Tickle Date" is a user defined custom date that is set in the Settings. The others are in indeed missed translation strings.

  40. @Chris "Tickle Date" is a user defined custom date that is set in the Settings.

    For sure! I did not watch :/

  41. Edited last year by Sergiy

    [FIXED in]
    Still not translated phrases


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