"DoogiePIM not responding"

  1. 7 weeks ago

    The advent of version 2.x has brought the appearance of the message "Doogie PIM not responding" at a strikingly high frequency. No session goes by without having to contend with the lack of response. The PIM "freezes". The wait for the PIM to be responsive again varies from 20 seconds to more than two minutes. The lack of responsiveness occurs equally in the two databases that I have created. No clue as to what triggers this behavior.

    The PIM workspace becomes bright white when I click in the text or use the spacebar and the screen freezes. I can switch to other programs that are open at the time and continue work in them. The computer does not freeze: DoogiePIM does. The message "DoogiePIM not responding" appears only when I click again onto the "frozen" document. The window offers two possible actions: close the program or wait until DoogiePIM responds. I always choose the latter because I don't want to lose the data that I just entered and may not have been saved yet.

    Are other users experiencing this? What is the cause? I have stopped using DoogiePIM at present because I am experiencing three problems simultaneously as reported elsewhere in this blog. hoping for solutions soon.

  2. Chris

    Oct 25 Developer, Moderator, Beta Tester

    What is your hardware configuration?
    What is the filesize of your database?

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    I've not ever experienced this nor have I read anyone else experiencing this. I wonder if you have run an anti-virus and malware scan recently? Also are you insuring that the scanning software is up to date and has current virus definition files? I'd start there for sure. Also, you should respond to Chris' request for info. He's always here to help. I'm curious what version of Windows are you using and is it also up to date with Windows updates?

  4. Chris

    Oct 26 Developer, Moderator, Beta Tester
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    Replied here:

  5. 6 weeks ago

    I have been experiencing the same problem, but it occurs when I try to send an email that I have replied to. Not every time but about 80% of the time. Not occurring in other modules.

  6. I just tried something that helped my situation. In the "Messages" settings both boxes were unchecked for "Delete Attachments" before Reply and Forward. I checked the delete Reply and my message was sent.

  7. Chris

    Oct 31 Developer, Moderator, Beta Tester

    Ah! (lightbulb above head moment)
    I feel there are kinds of binary attachments that are taking too long or are too hard to encode. I suspect that's the problem. I'll work on that and try and get a fix in for the next release.

    Many thanks for your input.


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