Formatting Inconsistencies

  1. 2 years ago

    With version 2.x I have noticed that the page layout for any given document can change from one session to the next. Selecting a layout such as A4 or Letter, for example, is no guarantee that the document will retain that selection the next time the document is open. The "Custom" layout is the most frequently "selected" layout when a document is opened. In this case the document is displayed as small rectangles until I change it to the one that I want (Letter).
    I have not found a pattern in the behavior of DoogiePIM. It appears that all documents are subject to the ever changing layout. This does not happen with every document in every session but it does happen to at least one document in any given session. The layout of a given document may remain the same for several sessions but, unexpectedly and inexplicably, it changes to another layout.
    Do you have an explanation for this behavior? We expect the layout setting to "stick" from one session to the next. Why isn't it?

  2. Chris

    25 Oct 2018 Developer, Moderator, Test Pilot

    doogiePIM version 2+ uses a new page layout engine. The document layout (A4, width, height, zoom level, orientation, etc) is saved with the document so when you return to the edit you are presented with the layout you last saved it in. However, there is a new zoom level override now which will set the zoom level to a specific level each time you load a document. See the Document Editor Settings to change this.

    If you have really old documents going back to previous version of doogiePIM or even do-Organizer, then the document information isn't there to be recalled, hence it will look "strange" as it takes the last document setting you opened, until you save it in that new layout.

    Please respond to your other questions regarding hardware and database as they are quite important to sort out.

    I hope this helps you.


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