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    Dec 22 Developer, Moderator, Beta Tester

    Для обсуждения русского перевода.


  2. Voldemar227 tell me if the changes were made in the program that Sergey was talking about?

    Если проблема решена, то вверху моего сообщения о ней я добавляю пометку, например [FIXED in RC3]
    If the problem is solved, then at the top of my message about it, I add a mark, for example [FIXED in RC3]

  3. Edited 2 weeks ago by Sergiy

    [FIXED in]
    The problem with the encoding is solved, but the translation of some fields has disappeared, although variables exist, and they are in the correct case.
    [FIXED in]

  4. Edited 4 weeks ago by Sergiy

    Due to the fact that since version, variables are case-sensitive, you must replace the string

    EnterthetargetURLbeloworpressc=Введите ниже целевой URL-адрес или нажмите [Файл...] или [Элемент...]

    with a string

    EnterthetargetURLbeloworpressC=Введите ниже целевой URL-адрес или нажмите [Файл...] или [Элемент...]

    (the character before the "=" sign should now be in upper case)
    В связи с тем, что начиная с версии переменные чувствительны к регистру, вы должны заменить строку

    EnterthetargetURLbeloworpressc=Введите ниже целевой URL-адрес или нажмите [Файл...] или [Элемент...]


    EnterthetargetURLbeloworpressC=Введите ниже целевой URL-адрес или нажмите [Файл...] или [Элемент...]

    (символ перед знаком "=" теперь должен быть в верхнем регистре)
    А так же

    WeekEndColour_________________=Цвет выходных дней


    WeekendColour_________________=Цвет выходных дней
  5. Edited 4 weeks ago by Sergiy

    [FIXED in]
    Cannot translate hint


  6. Edited 4 weeks ago by Sergiy

    [FIXED in]
    In the Tasks section, this phrase is translated, but not in the Calendar.


  7. Edited 2 weeks ago by Sergiy

    [FIXED in]
    Calculator Error Message


  8. Edited 2 weeks ago by Sergiy

    [Added in]
    The following variables should be added to the translation file (they work in forms):
    В файл перевода нужно добавить следующие переменные (они работают в формах):

    aligncenter___________________=ровнять по центру
    alignleft_____________________=ровнять слева
    alignright____________________=ровнять справа
    Leftmargin____________________=Левое поле
    Rightmargin___________________=Правое поле
    Topmargin_____________________=Верхнее поле
    Bottommargin__________________=Нижнее поле
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    [FIXED in]

  10. Edited 2 weeks ago by Sergiy

    [FIXED in]

  11. Edited 2 weeks ago by Sergiy

    [FIXED in]
    The variable NoteBlock% .5d _________________ = not working


  12. Edited 2 weeks ago by Sergiy

    [FIXED in]

  13. Chris

    Dec 23 Developer, Moderator, Beta Tester

    I've uploaded a patch version to take care of things that were made yesterday but I have today's localisation observations to take care of. These will probably be done after the holiday later this week.
    A big change in the patch is the better handling of Unicode text in a spreadsheet.

    As always, the patch is available from:

  14. Thank you, Chris!

    Текущая рабочая версия файла перевода здесь .
    The current working version of the translation file is here .

  15. 2 weeks ago


    Jan 2 Developer, Moderator, Beta Tester

    Patch version is available:

    Additions to the language file are:

    ; v2.1.1.3
    aligncenter___________________=Align Centre
    alignleft_____________________=Align Left
    alignright____________________=Align Right
    Leftmargin____________________=Left margin
    Rightmargin___________________=Right margin
    Topmargin_____________________=Top margin
    Bottommargin__________________=Bottom margin
    AssociateTransactionswithaCont=Associate Transactions with a Contact
    Textformattedcellsaretreatedas=Text formatted cells are treated as text even when a number is in the cell.  The cell is displayed exactly as entered.
    Generalformatcellshavenospecif=General format cells have no specific format.
    Numberisusedforgeneraldisplayo=Number is used for general display of numbers.
    Currencyformatsareusedforgener=Currency formats are used for general monetary amounts.
    DateTimeformatsareusedfordatea=Date/Time formats are used for date and time serial numbers as Date/Time values.
    Thequickbrownfoxjumpsoverthela=The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog
    ; v2.1.1.4
    Syntaxerror|functionoroperandh=Syntax error: function or operand has too few arguments
    Syntaxerrorinexpression_______=Syntax error in expression
    Unabletofindoperandorfunction_=Unable to find operand or function
    twospacelimitedvariablesorcons=two space limited variables or constants
    isanunknownfunction___________=is an unknown function
    Thereareemptybrackets_________=There are empty () brackets
    Missingoperandbetween_________=Missing operand between )(
    Operandismissingbetweenandcons=Operand is missing between ) and constant or variable
    Operandismissingbetweenconstan=Operand is missing between constant or variable and (
    Cannotreplacevariableorfunctio=Cannot replace variable or function
    Theexpressionisnotboolean_____=The expression is not boolean
    Cannotreplacevariableorfunctio=Cannot replace variable or function
    NoteEditor____________________=Note Editor
    BookmarkAnchors_______________=Bookmark Anchors
    Sortby________________________=Sort by 
    Indentationpoints_____________=Indentation, points 
    CellSpacing___________________=Cell Spacing
    VisibleBorderSides____________=Visible Border Sides
    ImportStylesfromFile__________=Import Styles from File
    Existingstyles________________=Existing styles 
    &addrenamed___________________=&add renamed 
  16. Variable exists &Color|_______________________

  17. Edited 2 weeks ago by Sergiy

    In the language file you need to add more (variables work)

    Currentdate___________________=Текущую дату
    Currenttime___________________=Текущее время
  18. Edited 2 weeks ago by Sergiy

    Файл перевода для версии можно взять здесь
    The translation file for version can be found here .

  19. Deleted 2 weeks ago by Sergiy
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