Edited 4 years ago by RandallG

This has been somewhat eluded to before, but I'd just like to say that at some point, all the requested features and additions may very well require the developer to create two versions of DoogiePIM. A home Version, and Pro Version. It's one thing to ask for fixes on existing features but yet another to continue asking for more features and additions. I feel this trend is leaning heavily into making DoogiePIM a business version of Outlook on steroids (Which it nearly is already). I love how it works (as is) for home use now, already. Actually, I've loved it for many years without all the additions. Chris just keeps making it better and better. But at some point, there will need to be a trade off. He spends countless hours on adding features and has never complained one bit. If we want two versions......one being for home use and the other geared more to business, then lets encourage that and let Chris achieve more compensation for satisfying all the business user needs and help him become more successful as the developer. Of course the business version would and should be more expensive to coincide with the increased productivity features. This opinion is strictly mine and in no way has been encouraged or requested by the developers of DoogiePIM or of the company, Bitespire. Just my humble opinion.