I want to suggest some features or modifcations for the tasks section.

To make this suggestions I have had this program like model: https://abstractspoon.weebly.com/

1- The first suggestion is the possibility to have a more customizable priority options like in ToDoList (the program mentioned above). With this program you can select from 0 to 10 colorized priority options.

2- Other suggestion is to set task recurrence (once, daily, weekly, monthly,yearly) like it has been suggested by other members.

3- A track timer will also be a fantastic idea. You click in the task´s clock and it starts to track the time in that task.

4- The option to visualize in other ways tasks (for example task tree, week planner). Especially the task tree option

5- It will also be interesting to add tags to the tasks.

6- Customize the "time spent" and "time stimate" like in the program ToDoList. You can put the time in minutes, hours, days, weeks,... and it is also interesting the possibility to recalculate the time (you put the time in hours, for example, and the program recalculates this value into days or weeks).

7- The option to have the same color for all the options of the tasks. I mean, if you have selected priority 10 (red), to have all the options of that task (time spent, work time, percentage, due duration, reminder time, review date...) colored in red.

I have put in preference order the suggestions.

You know that my english is not the best, so if you have not understood something try the program or ask me.

Thanks again,