doogiePIM version is now available

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    Feb 6 Developer, Moderator, Beta Tester

    doogiePIM version is now available for download on the download page:

    You can read the full history of changes here:

  2. Edited last week by RandallG

    Chris, Most of my doogie window interface settings were no longer working after this upgrade. My homepage was intact and the database but none of the border colors or margins or default window size was remembered. When I loaded doogiepim, it was very small and had no borders anymore. Like it ignored all the settings I had before. Did anyone else experience this with the upgrade to

  3. Chris

    Feb 6 Developer, Moderator, Beta Tester

    I've made quite a few changes to the window states for each session so your first run of this new version will be as if it's in no saved state.

    Just set up your tabs, colours, arrangement, etc as you like it. Then restart your doogiePIM and you should find it remembers the state.

    This is because of creating a New doogiePIM Window can also have its own state, allowing you to have split screen, eg: Documents on one side and a browser on the other.

    Sorry for the startling upgrade.

  4. Edited last week by RandallG

    After checking my settings, I found that the Tabs setting was changed. So all I really needed to do was re-select, "Show Horizontal Tabs", under Settings | User Interface. The problem seemed like a bigger problem at first glance but, that pretty much returned my settings back to normal. Thanks for the quick reply.


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