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    I have a question. When I have to translate =Always Ask, must I respect the order of the words?

    I ask this because Always Ask = Preguntar Siempre (Ask Always).

    Another example: Always add new record = Añada siempre un nuevo registro (Add always a new record). In this case the order of more words has changed. I also wnat to know if i have to put or not the article "un = a". The translation is correct but I do not know if the order or adding new words like articles can affect in some way.

    When translating "Vault" I also have a Little trouble. Vault = Caja fuerte or Caja Fuerte (The first word with capital letter or the two?).

    For translation problems or doubts I am opening a new conversation.

  2. Chris

    10 Feb 2019 Developer, Moderator, Beta Tester

    It is best to translate the phrases as you understand them in your own language. Don't just translate the individual words. Use the phrase in context to where it is in the UI. I wish I could help but I don't speak Spanish.

    Good luck and many thanks for supporting doogiePIM.


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