Database encryption

  1. 4 years ago

    When I try to encrypt the database with AES, blowfish, square, DES... I have no problem. But when I try to encrypt the databse with twofish (128 bits - 256 bits) It displays a message saying "Error occurred on changing the password".


  2. BiteSpire

    4 May 2019 Administrator

    Thank you for reporting this.

    We've tried it on the test machines and it appears there is an encryption conflict with TwoFish and Windows. This will be corrected for the next update. :)

    AES is usually a very good choice for encryption.

  3. Has this been fixed in

  4. BiteSpire

    17 Sep 2019 Administrator

    Yes, TwoFish removed from database encryption options in v2.1.1.8. This was done to comply with encryption laws in certain countries and with Windows 10 it caused problems with the data encryption. We want to keep the quality of data accessible for you in future versions of doogiePIM.

  5. Edited 4 years ago by vogelap

    I am running and still see TwoFish as an encryption option...

  6. BiteSpire

    18 Sep 2019 Administrator

    It looks like a cosmetic issue in the combo dropdown. Many thanks for spotting the mistake.

    Added to v2.1.1.9 tasks.


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