Email account sync problem

  1. 2 years ago

    Today, I have add a email account (gmail) to my message section. I have tried to send a message (from doogiePIM) but I have not been able to send it. It has displayed this "Username and password not accepted. Learn more at........". So I have been searching and finaly I have turned on less secure apps access, which obiusly is not recommended ( ). Once done that doogiePIM works well. My question is if doogiePIM can works without turning on that option. I have never had to turn on this option with any other email client.


  2. BiteSpire

    4 May 2019 Administrator

    You only need to turn on Gmail less secure apps access when you don't have two factor authentication. I'm not sure if Google have changed anything recently, but I use Google Mail on some accounts using POP3 without a problem.

    "Less secure apps" are those where you haven't setup a separate app password instead of using your main Gmail password. This would have to be done at the Google end. I believe Google set this up this way to ensure you don't give your main Google password to email clients as a secure measure, and rightly so.

    I can only suggest using the following settings for gmail:

    Google may provide further help on this matter too.


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