Icon library missing or unavailable?

  1. last year

    I have recently registered my doogiePIM. I am still busy checking out it's many interesting features; however, I've noticed that there no icons available in the Icon Library. I am running my doogiePIM in portable mode. Would that be the reason that the library is not there?

    __ Bob

  2. BiteSpire

    9 May 2019 Administrator

    You are correct. In order to avoid people copying over the contents of subsequent updates using the Portable version, the default Icon Library isn't included. Otherwise, this would overwrite the user's own library.

    If you would like the default icons, install the Installation version to a temp folder and copy the Icon Repository from there. Then uninstall your temp version.

    We can make the Icon Repository available as a separate download for future Portable users in the next update cycle.

    Many thanks for raising this issue.

  3. OK. Thanks for making me aware of the issue reason. I happy that it's not something that I did inadvertently.

    I appreciate the quick response. I will follow your suggestion and download/install the Installation version. Would there be other related issues regarding using a portable version versus the installed version?

    I have and still use the GemX Harmony software; which is why I was amazed when I came across doogiePIM. The GemX software is defunct, which is why Harmony doesn't work correctly; the email client is non-functional. I'm in the process of slowly transferring my Harmony data into doogiePIM -- it will take a long time.


    -- Bob

  4. BiteSpire

    9 May 2019 Administrator

    As long as you install a second doogiePIM to a new folder, there is no conflict between the two. You will find each runs as its own entity.

    Thank you for your comments on Harmony and GemX. I hope the form of doogiePIM will satisfy some of your needs. :)

  5. Well, I tried your suggestion of retrieving the Icon Library from the Installation; created a database, then checked for the icons. Zero. I tried selecting the icons from within the Installation database, again, zero. I guess I will need to wait for the next update cycle.

    Again, thanks for responding to my message.

    -- Bob

  6. Chris

    24 May 2019 Developer, Moderator, Beta Tester

    The Icon Library, with several sample art, is now on the Downloads page as a separate resource:

    You could also download it from this link:


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