Things I've noticed

  1. 2 years ago

    Things I've noticed.

    • doogiePIM does not allow WordWeb to capture words.
    • There is a distinct kerning problem. At first I thought that I may be mistyping; but, when I compared text in doogiePIM to other programs it became obvious that the problem is with doogiePIM. It occurs with all fonts. I can read the text, but it's disturbing and distracting. It's strange, the text displayed on the doogiePIM panels, toolbars, etc., seem fine, but the text created in documents (notes, doNotes) displays bad kerning.

    -- Bob

  2. BiteSpire

    17 May 2019 Administrator

    Many thanks for the found issues.

    The kerning can be looked t and checked but we are not familiar with WordWeb. We'll certainly take a look at it and see if we can provide better functionality with third party software.

    The suggestions, ideas and feedback all users post in these forums and email, all help a great deal in the development of doogiePIM and future software of BiteSpire. A great thanks goes to you for taking your valuable time to submit this.

  3. I tested WordWeb in one document and it worked perfectly. I didn't test other modules.

  4. I'm happy to know that you're interested in looking into the kerning issue. I assure you that it is not my imagination.

    The WordWeb problem is sustained. WordWeb tries to capture a word, opens, but displays a blank entry. So, WordWeb is working, just not within doogiePIM. I'm not at a loss, I can copy or enter a word directly into WordWeb for a definition, however, it would be nice to have the program's functionality.

    I like doogiePIM. I'm still acquainting myself with many of the interesting features in doogiePIM. Do I think that it needs improvement? AHH... yes.

    -- Bob


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