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  1. 2 years ago

    Hi Chris,

    I am not sure if you did this by design. If I find something important that I want to capture off of the web, the text I want to capture includes some pictures. I select the text and graphics and paste it into the notes section of Doogie. I select HTML from the list and when I do that, the pictures are not copied. I take that same text including the pictures and copy it into MS Word, MS Word converts it to rich text format. I can select the text and pictures from MS Word and paste them into a note in Doogie and select Rich text format, the text and pictures get copied. Did you eliminate the pictures by design or is it a bug or weak import of HTML text. I thought since you are working on an update either you can improve the HTML import so text and pictures can be copied or you may consider this a security risk? Thanks

  2. BiteSpire

    21 May 2019 Administrator

    This is by design. Images that are in the HTML can be a privacy concern. However, we are making changes to allow you that option in a future update. The options will be in the Settings.

  3. last year
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    Would like to have it!


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