Thesaurus and Spelling Buttons not working

  1. 3 years ago


    20 Jul 2019 Test Pilot

    When you're in the Documents section or the Journals section the thesaurus and spelling check buttons do not work. The spelling check button returns 'The spelling check is complete' 'Words checked 0' and the thesaurus button if you highlight a word, does not do anything. If you right click in your entered text and select the spelling and thesaurus functions these work correctly.

  2. BiteSpire

    20 Jul 2019 Administrator

    Could you show the location of the commands please. Are you referring to the ones on the main toolbar or elsewhere such as in the main menu.

    It's possible the icon lost its command link during compilation. Rest assured, this will be fixed for the next update.

  3. Voltaire

    20 Jul 2019 Test Pilot

    It's the ones in the main toolbar just above the document and just above the font selection box.

    After closing DP and opening up again I've noticed something very strange about these spelling and thesaurus buttons. When in a document or journal these buttons would work incorrectly as stated in my previous post. Now however whatever word I highlight the spelling tool displays the word 'phys' in the 'Not Found' box and the thesaurus displays the same word 'phys' in the 'Looked Up:' box - very weird.
    Again if I use the right mouse button pop up box and select spelling or thesaurus it works correctly.

  4. BiteSpire

    21 Jul 2019 Administrator

    Thanks for the extra information. You are correct, there is a minor problem with the spell/thesaurus check on the focused edit window. It is planned to be fixed for the next update release.

    Well spotted. :)


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